Cutting Plan Soft for Cutting Department in Garment Industry

Cutting Plan

Cutting Plan Soft for Cutting Department in Garment Industry is very essential for cost saving. Contact us. You can read more

  1. Auto Garments Cutting Management Information System
  2. Auto Garments Cutting Scan Management System
  3. Auto Garments Fabric Bundle Code Generator System

Cutt Plan Data Entry

  • Order No. : 9987
  • Style Name: St Aran Style
  • Buyer Name : Required
  • Style Description : This is good style          
  • Quantity : 5000         
  • Fabric : 100 % Viscose       
  • Size Range : S-XXL          
  • Wash: Required
  • Embroidery: Required  
  • Print: Not Required
  • Shipment Date : 12/13/17

Cutting Plan Entry

  • Cutting No: 05
  • Marker Length
  • Marker Width
  • No of Lay
  • Wastage (%)
  • Total Fabric(yrds)

Spreading Entry

Select Order
Select Style
Marker Length: Ex:10.15 like 10 Yard 15 Inch

Marker Width: Ex:10.15 like 10 Yard 15 Inch
Select Color Name:
Lay Number
Cutting No
Cutting Lay
Bundle Limit
Total Fabric

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