Cut Components and Numbering System Case Study
Cut Components and Numbering System Case Study

Cut Components and Numbering System Case Study

Cut Components and Numbering System Case Study

Numbering System supervisor must follow up pp meeting instruction and Numbering placement given by IE Department Cutting before start the numbering. We sale Auto Garments Fabric Bundle Code Generator System

  • Numbering helper must be follow marker paper to find out style and size no for before numbering.
  • All bundle or tag card should have cut number/bundle number/shade /size/qty/,Numbering supervisor must follow up and Make the record.
  • Numbering supervisor will be responsible for take hourly production of numbering section and update numbering production form accordingly.
  • The purpose of the 100% cut components inspection the quality of the cut components as per buyer requirement & take the necessary corrective and preventive action to rectify all fabric damages.


  • Cutting QA must have before start the panel inspection QAM approved grading pattern set.
  • Cutting QI Must start panel inspection after numbering finish and cross checked with cut bundle/top panel/middle panel/and bottom panel, all bundles.
  • Also need to follow up QAM given defect guidance for the panel inspection.
  • If found defect panel same time inform to re cutting person and replace and put in same bundle.
  • Penal inspection report must maintained by cutting auditor and inform to QAM and fabric inspector for take necessary action.

Bulk Cutting

  • After receiving pilot run comment sheet if no any cutting manager start bulk cutting. Pattern adjustment QAM will inform to cutting manager start bulk cutting.
  • Cutting auditor and in charge must checked and follow-up the before cutting marker length/ width/ratios/no of layer are ok or not.
  • Layer man must be responsible to follow up shrinkage and correct roll no’s for laying and update in layer control sheet accordingly.
  • All roll End bits must keep separately for damage replacement.
  • All replacement (damage cutting) must allocate separate person and need to make registered daily and update cutting manager accordingly.

Size set sample cutting

  • After receiving order sheet and production plan from the merchandiser cutting manager will follow up cutting the size set sample.
  • Sample room must send the sample Pattern for the size set sample.
  • Base on the fabric need to make pattern as per shrinkage wise. Cutting manager will follow up fabric shrinkage report for make the patterns per shrinkage..
  • Cutting manage must follow up fabric contend for identify the fabric. If any expanded fabric need to keep 24 hour relax before cutting.
  • After receiving pattern adjustment repot from the QAM Cutting manager will adjust the pattern base on comment given by QAM/GMP.
  • After receiving pattern adjust comment cutting manager given instruction marker operator to drowning marker as per fabric shrinkage and base on fabric width.
  • Marker Operator must follow up grain line of the Patten when drowning the marker.
  • Need to follow up given by merchandiser approved Y/Y.
  • If fabric inspection report mention any shading length wise or width wise must make the Block marker. And need to inform merchandiser and get the revise Y/Y approved.
  • Marker Operator shall make marker efficiency report and update all respective Department Cutting head for further action.
  • Base on marker width and fabric consumption, cutting manager will send the request sheet to stores.
  • Cutting input servicer must follow up fabric inspection report/shade report/shrinkage report before taken the fabric from the stores
  • Cutting manager need to follow up qty of received fabric and Cutting in charge must update cut qty daily.
  • Fabric must relax 24 hour before cutting of spandex fabric. This process must be done by store loader under supervision of cutting in charge and cutting supervisor.
  • Cutting In charge and cutting auditor must follow up and make report date/roll number/relax time and end time. to make sure fabric has relax before cutting.
  • Marker Operator must be prepared marker as per the cutting manager instruction.
  • Cutting Manager Also numbering placement/cut mark/bundle qty, etc

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