Cutting Section General Complain
Cutting Section General Complain

Cutting Section General Complain

Cutting section

Jaman is a Officer as In-charge of cutting section for 5th floor. But he is not sincere at his work. He does not follow the line plan for making cutting schedule. For this reason, when a P.O. is finished, then he is unable to start the next P.O. cutting. For this, most of the time either shipment is delay or short quantity is finished at right time. Sometimes, according to his cutting report, the total quantity is cut & delivery to the sewing floor, but in practically a percentage of total quantity is still balanced for cutting. Besides he hides the different types of problem & presents these problems at ship date when there is no option to solve these problems. We sale Auto Garments Fabric Bundle Code Generator System

Problem details:

  • Working day, absent calculation found wrong of new employee.
  • Tiffin bill need to set in Employee preference.
  • Remove option need to set for employee & designation preference.
  • Need to updat server from production server due to re-check salary.
  • Attendance bonuses not found for half day absent/leave.
  • One employee is showing full month absent but his RFID found ok.
  • Need to change active of one inactive employee.
  • Completion of above requirement we will re-check salary


  • Ensure that the DELTA-E reading of all lots received is below 1
  • Ensure that the spectro data reading is within required range.
  • Ensure that all LAB tests are passed. (GSM, Bursting strength, color fastness, shrinkage, and other performance features etc)
  • Ensure that the sewability test is passed for all lots.
  • Ensure that Mock samples are generated and approved for every lot.

Cutting Section and Supermarket Process System

  • Fabric in house system
  • Fabric store to relaxation full procedure
  • Relaxation area & capacity
  • Plan of cutting table
  • Cutting table work (lay preparation, spreading, cutting, numbering, bundling)
  • Manpower allocation system (lay preparation, spreading, cutting, numbering, bundling)
  • Remnant fabric store system
  • Cut panel check procedure
  • Replacement system
  • System of SMV, Capacity & Efficiency
  • Cutting Area, Production & Manpower
  • Design of ready input area
  • Super market design & procedure
  • Ready input send to sewing line full procedure
  • Manpower allocation of every process
  • Inventory capacity
  • Line feed system


Cutting Section – So, by considering & justifying the above problems, please take the corrective & necessary action so that the company does not suffer from it & oblige thereby.

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