Cutting department in garment

Cutting Department in Garment Industry ensure that the job card. Approved sample, Approved mock sample (for each lot), lot to lot shade continuity, PPC file and Q/C report is received and studied carefully, before starting audit. We sale Auto Garments Fabric Bundle Code Generator System

  • Auditing the cutting as per the required . Prepare a check list (pocket size) of all components of the garments in the approved sample.( Neck tape, twill tape, fusing, half moon, placket parts, pocket bag, etc. might be over sighted).
  • Spread all the components (not forgetting the fabric for neck tape and trims) on the audit table and ensure that all components are in accordance to the check list.
  • Keeping all the cutting department’s personnel aware of the quality requirements. Randomly check parts of all components from different places, but same sequence for shade variation and oil marks on fabric.
  • Cutting Department in Garment Industry check quantity according to job card in the bundles chosen /or audit.
  • Check for specs in relaxed from against approved hard pattern. Taking from the first, middle and last part of all components.
  • Check for cutting mistakes (miss-cuts, shape out, ragged cutting, narrow goods, miss-matching. Notch marks variation, bowing,. Etc.)
  • Conduct audit on O.Q.L.1.5% and high light all quality defects with out disturbing the sequence of the bundles.
  • Reporting to Quality Manager about the problems in cutting department and suggesting the solutions for the same. Sample size pull out should be at random covering all sizes:
  • Quantity shortage, all cutting defects, specs variation. Shade variation, trims miss-matching and all other fabric defects should be taken up by the Officer or Asst Manager in-charge in consultation with the Deputy Manager or Manager who is the Q/A representative in the cutting Dept.
  • Reporting Quality Manager and Q.A Fabrics about the problems related to fabrics and accessories.. any sort of pressure on the auditor in his findings. If any approval is given by his departmental superiors he should mention same in the remarks column without altering his documents and should not change the results. All defects in his finding should be mentioned as MAJOR and no MINOR.
  • the Q/A shift in-charge has the authority to change the audit result only in remarks column if he received any documented authentic approval from the Merchandising Manager or his nominated representative (in the absence of the merchandising manager) or authorized person nominated in consultation with all concerned authorities; ONLY FOR FABRIC AND TRIMS ISSUES. The Q/A shift in-charge should mention in the Q/A reports by whom the approval is received and attach the documented approval along with the Q/A report.
  • This information should be immediately brought to the notice of the Q/A representative, and he should ensure that the concerned Stitiching unit head is made aware of these approvals. And also should ensure that compensation is approved for moving the lot with components with unacceptable Quality standards.
  • If no such change in audit result is done and if the audit fails at O.Q.L 1.5% the total lot will be returned to the Q/C dept. For 100% re-screening
  • The Q/A shift in-charge should ensure that the Quantity maintained in job card is adjusted according to the percentage of the number of pieces removed for defects from the bundles audited.
  • Reporting Quality Manager and Q.A Fabrics about the problems related to fabrics and accessories. Only Q/A audit passed quantities will be fed into the system to generate a gate pass to move the lot to the Stitiching facility.
  •  Once the audit is completed and a report is generated the concerns auditor will sign the report and the group leader shift in-charge and Q/C authorized person has confirm by signing that audit result are correct. The Q/A representative will reconfirm this result.


Cutting Department in Garment Industry audit passed the lot should be moved to the induction department ensuring the bags are properly sealed along with the Q/C, and Q/A reports, approved mock sample and shade continuity of that lot.