Garment Cutting Procedure
Garment Cutting Procedure

Garment Cutting Procedure

Garment cutting

Purpose: of Garment cutting

Garment cutting To ensure that:

  • Production & service activities are planned and carried out under controlled conditions.
  • Processes are validated.
  • Products are suitably identified & traceable through the product realization.
  • Preservation of products is maintained to ensure conformity with requirements.
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Garment cutting procedure is applicable to all activities related to cutting of raw material    from production planning through all activities till delivery of raw material in   sewing production process.


  • Documented in the procedure.


Fabric Receive:

  • As per the production plan cutting In-charge make the cutting plan. Based on that cutting in-charge make fabric receiving plan.
  • Fabric receiving supervisor is responsible to make requisition & receive fabric as per the plan. If not he has to find solution with cutting in-charge
  • Before fabric receive supervisor has to check with QC about fabric inspection status, if pass only will take to cutting. If fails supervisor & QC supervisor has to take immediate responsible persons advice.
  • Cutting QC is responsible for collecting fabric inspection report, shade band and GSM band. Based on this cutting supervisor & QC has to segregate the fabrics shade wise.
  • Cutting supervisor is responsible for the marker request for cad department.
  • After fabric receives spreading supervisor is responsible for relaxing shade wise (follow relaxing standards given in quality manual) and maintain relaxing sticker. At this time QC will check fabrics against the approve shade to assure correct fabric is being relaxing.
  • After completion of the relaxing spreading supervisor is responsible for start spreading. During the spreading he has to make sure correct handling the fabric.
  • Further spreading supervisor is responsible for clean the table, put paper on the table to avoid fabric damages & dirt before layering start
  • QC is responsible for checking the above process is being done properly, if not he has authority to stop and correct it or request higher management advice.
  • Spreading time supervisor and team responsible for maintain roll wise paper separation, laying length, correct lay height, roll end pieces to damage replacement, follow red tape system if fabric faults found and laying tension. Finally supervisor responsible for the laying paper marker on the top of the fabric lay.
  • QC is responsible to check the marker with pattern, and above all (Point # 9) done satisfactorily by the production team and finally QC, QC officer, Production supervisor & officer responsible for authorized to continue cutting.
  • QC & cutting supervisor is responsible for maintain relevant documents such as, relaxing report, marker ratio quantity report, inspection reports etc.

Note: Spreading height will be around 3” to 4” (Inches) and this may vary depend on the fabric type.


  • After Q.C pass straight knife cutter block cut the layer & Q.I observe the cutting.
  • Then blocked cut part sent to the band knife area using trolley, after clamping.
  • Receiving fabric block from the straight knife band knife cutter will finish piece cutting.
  • Q.I inspects the cut cake top, middle & bottom for cutting accuracy using pattern. If there is reject parts he will mention in the report and put them into separate box.
  • Cutting supervisor is responsible for the panel re-cutting of those reject parts using laying end pieces
  • Next cutting supervisor is responsible for roll wise separate the cut work panels and molding parts sent to the molding section and other parts will sent to the bundling section. These cut work will be stored in the plastic bins to avoid crush-marks.
  • After molding molding parts will be cut by band knife using special pattern.
  • QI is responsible for the checking cutting accuracy, if rejects will separate
  • Final cut work will send to bundling section


  • Bundling supervisor is responsible to request lace & shoulder strap requirement from stores
  • After receive QI will conduct random check trims against the trim to assure correct material receive
  • Form molding Cup receive by the bundling supervisor as per buyer requirement
  • First step of bundling is roll wise separation of cut work following the separation paper
  • Bundling girl will count 20pcs of cut panels and put into poly bag.
  • After that bundling persons will responsible for put  other part to poly such as foam cups, shoulder tapes etc.
  • One person will be responsible for making whole bundle
  • After complete bundle bundling-man will write the bundle ticket and put into correct bundling-man responsible for maintain production records and temporally store the bundle style, PO, color & size wise before issue to production
  • Each four sewing line has one input person and he is responsible for issuing correct bundle to the production input supervisors based on input supervisors requisition & maintain records.


Garment cutting Bundling QI is responsible for auditing, roll wise separation, bundling, correct trims put etc and maintain quality reports.

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