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List of Finishing Machine for Textile Factory

List of Finishing Machine for Textile

The loom fabric at the grey stage or after being over dyed in the soaper machine is fed in the finishing range. This is an integrated finishing range assembled by Morrison U.S.A. In denim fabrics there are some very important parameters that are to be see over here such as skewing and shrinkage which can otherwise adversely affect the after wash characteristics of the fabric at the garment stage . The sanforising unit provide the premeditated shrinkage and the fabric set amount after operations are brushing, singing and softening.

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Cold wash


Pin stented















This stage is very first stage which the fabric is completely opened up i.e. prepared for the further finishing process with the help of roller and j-scray.


Cold bath is used to prewett the fabric properly.


Fabric is passed through hot chamber for heat setting. This process is used to avoid shrinkage and elongation problem.

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