Mercerization Machine
What is Mercerization Machine? Finishing Machine Process

What is Mercerization Machine? Describe Finishing Process

Mercerization Machine



Mercerization bath

Skew roller

Fabric is holded by clips

Hot wash 1 (70oc)

Hot wash 2 (60oc)

Cold wash 1

Neutralization (green acid)

Cold wash 2



J-SCRAY: This stage is very first stage which the fabric is completely opened up i.e. prepared for the further finishing process with the help `of roller & j-scary.

MERCERIZATION BATH: Fabric is mercerized in the caustic solution with (150-200) gpl concentration. Mercerization enhances the lustrous and smoothening effect of the fabric.

SKEW ROLLER: The skew roller helps to stretched the fabric width wise so that the fabric can easily clipped by clip holder. These clips stretched the fabric to avoid shrinkage.

HOT WASH: In the hot wash process, caustic solution is removed .fabric passed through different bath to completely remove the caustic solution.

NEUTRALIATION BATH: Green  acid is used to neutralize the fabric .The caustic solution treated fabric is passed through the green acid to neutralize the fabric .If the fabric s not neutralize then it cause harmful effects to the human body.

DRYING: A drying range of ten dry cans is meant for drying fabric .this is wetted at padder .Moisture meter is attaching to the fabric to monitor the amount of moisture in the fabric.


Grey /over dyed fabric roll

j- Scray




Steamer (105)

Washing chamber


Washing chamber-2

Temperature -60oc

Nip -55 kg

Washing chamber-3


Cold wash


Cylinder drying range

14 cylinders


There are various processes are done in the soaper machine.

Mercerization process:

Caustic sol – 150gpl

Decol –        1 gpl

QWNI –          4 gpl

Finishing Machines and Process

The speed off finishing range is kept around 40-42mpm and 6 workers operators are employed for this range.

Four types of machines are being used in the finishing process:

  • Finishing
  • Mercerization machine
  • Soaper machine
  • Stenter machine

FINISHING MACHINE (Shrinkage control)


Cradle lift off & j- scray




Skew stretch unit


Dancer roll



Cooling roller


This stage is very first stage which the fabric is completely opened up i.e., prepared for the further finishing process with the help of roller and j-scary.

BRUSHING: After opening the fabric is set to brushing unit .4 brush rollers are present which rolls against the fabric to facilitate the removal of fly present on the fabric.

SINGING:  It is done to burn the protruding fibres from surface of the fabric .it gives the fabric smooth  & increase the lustier of the fabric .Gas singing is used in this unit .Gas used is LPG.


In this unit usually are used to increases the feel ,to increase the softness and improve the stitchablity  of the fabric during   garments preparation.

SKEW STRECH UNIT: The twill denim fabric (3/1,2/1). When wasted, due to fabric shrinkage ,the desired twill shifted i.e. right hand twill shifted towards, more right hand and left hand twill towards more left hands. Changing the appearance of fabric differently particularly of the stitched portion. In order to avoid this machine skew applied to fabric.

For R.H twill fabric:             left hand skew given

For L.H twill fabric:              right hand skew given

For 1/1:                                   no skew


There drying range each of ten dry cans is meant for drying fabric. This is wetted at padder .If not properly dried during sanforising   & palmer crease will generate .

DANCER ROLLS:There are meant to control weft shrinkage or fabric width.

SANFORIZING: Here temporary warp shrinkage applied to the fabric by means of heat & water.

PALMER: Here the temporary shrinkage applied its sanforising get permanent

COOLING UNIT: Too cool down the fabric coming out the palmer.

Desizing process:

Betasol – 6 gpl

NID –        2 gpl

  1. Over dyeing:

Dyeing solution

Chemical solution – Mercerization Machine

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