Sanforizing Machine

Details in Sanforizing/Finishing machine

  1. Machine Name : Denim sanforizing / finishing range.
  2. Country origin : Morrision, USA
  3. Model No. : Serial No. 295
  4. No. of machine : 01
  5. Speed of the machine : 12 meters / minute (Stretch / Lycra fabric)

: 25 meters  / minute (Normal fabric ie Non stretch)

  1. Production capacity per day : 22.4X1350X.95)=27216 Mts (Considering the product mix 20% stretch fabric and 80% non stretch fabric)

Down Time :

  1. Start time 30 min.
  2. Shut down time 1 hour (Cleaning and cool down the sanfor belt.)

The sequence of the Sanforizing/Finishing Machine

Feed in Grey fabric






Different type of finished fabric

Operation staff for weaving section:

  • Manager
  • Asst. Manager
  • Sr. Executive
  • Executive
  • Supervisor
  • Operator
  • Asst. Operator
  • Helper

Woven Fabric

The beam fitter’s checks the fabric for:

  • Any wrong or broken design
  • Any wrong drawing and denting
  • Fabric width, warp, weft density
  • Any other cloth defects

Any fault found in the fabric is corrected over the beam and then handed over operators for normal running for all types of fabric the first of fabric is send to quality control department for subsequent parameter test upon getting to Quality Approval from QAD the operator start machine for bulk production.

Different type of grey fabric


In growing market for casual & leisure wear, Denim fabrics represent a very dominant market share. The annual global production of Denim fabric is estimate at about 3 billion square meters. The production growth rate is calculated at about 3%.

Up until now approximately 80% of the total production of Denims has been based on “classic fabrics” like blue/white, blue/blue, blue/black or black/black fabrics.

As in other branches of the textile industry, the production of Denim worldwide is following fashion trends.

There is currency a tremendous increase in market demand for lighter weight fabric, for fabrics with increased softness, fabric with a more elegant drape or fabrics with a “different touch”

To satisfy these trends, the demand for ring spun yarns has undergone enormous growth over the last few years.

In addition special yarns-such as slub yarns have been different developed to create fabrics which offer a different appearance & new aesthetics

A huge variety of garment wash processes have been developed, and garment dye have been introduced to produce colored Denims with special effects.

Besides the efforts already mentioned, fiber blends have become interesting for the manufacturer and consumers.

For example fiber blends specially blends of cotton and cellulose fibers chance to cross borders linked to the characteristics of different spinning systems.

Finally all these activities were targeted to create fabrics with unique characterizes or properties

Written By – Farid Ahmed, General Manager, Knit Dyeing Textile Ltd. Epz, Savar, Dhaka