Packing Procedure

A – Shade checking and Garment keep size wise Packing Procedure

Packing Procedure – After received Garment from the finishing department packing in charge must have a meeting with packing Operator how to shade checking and how shade segregation process will be happen. Its will be one mostly contain one shade in one cartoon. Read about CRM Contact Management System and CRM Integration Free

To perform this process approved shade band copy should be available and follow accordingly.

B – Shade checking as per ratio

Packing in charge will be responsible make sure cartoon will contain one shade as per the size ratio given by packing list.

C – Attach Packing Trims

Packing Procedure In charge will be responsible to take all accessories through the challan.

Must have trim card and approved packing sample before attach any packing trims.

AOAM and in house QA responsible for given tag placement and packing method base on pp meeting discussion and packing details given as per the style file.

AO. AM will be responsible for hand over sign off packing approved sample with all trims

lO0 % quality system in place to confirm

This check contain with style/color/tags size/price and placement. Records should be maintain for reference

Must perform 9 point system with Needle Detect machine before start the work and 3 times need to check in regular interval,

Base on buyer requirement must pass 100% through the needle detector machine and keep record for reference.

If any garment didn’t pass through the needle detector it should check with hand detector machine,

Also didn’t pass it should update in register and dispose as kill garment in to red box. Also update packing in charge/packing quality in charge accordingly.

Machine Operator will be responsible to update production status to packing in charge

E – Garment folding and poly bag.

After goods pass through the needle detector machine folding process in place as per the folding criteria given by AO. AM and QA Auditor.

Leg sticker need to apply before folding placement if required. If no leg sticker Garment will be direct going for folding.

Re checking process will be in place to confirm garment size tag / color.

After completing all required process garment will put on poly as per packing List.

F – Carton Process

Base on buyer PO sheet finishing manager must make the packing list and given to packing in charge for follow up carton quantity and ratio.

Base on packing list packer will make the carton and QA Auditor will 100% check carton ratio.

O,A Auditor will be responsible for make the inspection report and inform to AQAM and packing in charge accordingly.

After this process finish carton must stack inside the cartoon warehouse as per PO wise.

G – Pre Final Inspection

In house O,A will be responsible for do pre final inspection PO wise and make reports accordingly.

QAM must be responsible for make a preventive action and have a meeting with all concern to find out the root cause for reasons of Re check. Also records must be keep for future reference.

H – Shipment release process

In house QA will be Authorize person for conduct the final inspection audit before release the shipment to buyer inspection center.

In house QA will be responsible for arrange inspection table, he must make sure sample / style file / packing list available in during inspection.

After the inspection complete in house QA must share result with QAM and make final inspection report accordingly.


Packing Procedure -Also buyer nominated person will do the inspection and release the goods If Factory have a certain permission for direct shipment.