Micrometer Calibration

  • Micrometer Calibration -All measuring taps used in Auto Knitwear Ltd. Sewing Line, Measurement Checking, Final Inspection and Stores Dept. must be properly calibrated at an interval of 90 days  Read about Pressure Gauges Calibration Apparatus ..
  • Calibration of Tapes shall be performed by using the calibration standard. A Measuring Scale of 1 meter length with a valid accuracy shall be obtained and certified by Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institute (BSTI) centimeter sale measurement.
  • Manager Maintenance shall be the custodian for the Measurement calibration standard and it will be safeguarded from any unauthorized use.
  • The Measuring tapes shall be calibrated against the certified Standard in Centimeters scale. The record of such calibration shall be maintained in Calibration record form.
  • Maximum acceptable tolerance for the measuring tape shall be identified in the calibration certificate. Any tape showing readings greater than the acceptable limit will be withdrawn from the floor and replaced with a calibrated one.
  • Measuring tapes to be calibrated shall be measured to 1 meter (0-100cm) length from the starting edge against eh calibration standard tape and record shall be taken.
  • The reading of the tape under calibration (against 1 meter of the calibration standard tape) shall be taken and written down.
  • The deviation shall be calculated and converted into centimeters meter standard in the following formula : aaaa
  • Reading of standard    Reading of tape to be calibrated          Deviation/100cm

Bulk Production Procedure


The purpose of this procedure is to confirm that prior to bulk production despatch from factory, garments representing of bulk production confirm to customer requirement


It is the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Manager to ensure the implementation of this procedure.


After the cutting authorisation for bulk has been received from head office, first bulk cutting is proceeding.

During the bulk production, for every style and colour will be selected and sent to the Head Office Garment Technical Manager

The Technical Manager will select a standard by measuring garments and comparing them to contract seal. The sky will then be taken together with the standard and style file to the Quality Centre for auditing.

Once the Quality Centre has audited sky pack the Technical Manager will approve for shipment of further bulk production by signing the audit report and returning it to the factory.  If sky pack fails the audit this is communicated back to the factory together with actions to be taken.

Four garments in all sizes will be selected, these must be checked for labelling, presentation and fitted, (using usual models), on approval, if these are approved, rack samples will be submitted to the customer.

If the customer does not approve the rack samples they will be returned to the manufacturing unit and stock will not be made available to the customer until satisfactory samples have been submitted.


Micrometer Calibration -All measurement tapes shall be given individual serial numbers. A calibration card showing calibration status, date of calibration and the next date for calibration shall be attached to all the calibrated tapes.