Calibration of Weighing Machine
What is Calibration of Weighing Machine

What is Instrument Calibration of Weighing Machine

Instrument Calibration

Instrument Calibration- Weighing machines shall be calibrated once a year from BSTI (Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institute) and certification shall be obtained. The interval for calibration may be shortened or lengthened as per recommendation of the BSTI. Manager Maintenance is responsible for calibration of inspection, measuring, and test equipment. Quality Control Manager is responsible for ensuring that only calibrated equipment is used for inspection, measuring, and test activities ….

Intervals of Calibration :

Calibration of Monitoring And Measurement Device shall be done at an interval defined in SOP or recording form or as recommended by calibration source.

Quality Control Manager shall assess calibration result every year and based on that assessment he may shorten or lengthier the interval of calibration.

 Instrument Calibration Procedure :

Written Standard Operating Procedure shall be used for all calibration of Monitoring and Measurement Device where calibration will be done internally using house method or to calibrate working device using calibrated standard.

Responsibility :

Maintenance shall be responsible for all calibration activities. During production, after reaching at the optimum temperature (above 800C), in case the lid of machine needs to be opened, operator must depressurise the machine and use hand gloves, eye-protecting glass etc. while performing such task for safety.

Any Monitoring and Measurement Device found to be out of calibration shall be removed from use by the concerned Manger Maintenance or Quality Control Manager and shall take appropriate action to re-calibrate.

Calibration Status :

The technology which is used to modify the appearance, outlook comfortable and fashion of the garments is called Garments washing. In this process a garments is provided a lucrative and glossy outlook Monitoring and measurement standards shall be labeled to indicate calibration status.

The calibrated Monitoring and Measurement Devices and measurement standard shall be identified by “CALIBRATED” label. The label shall identify the date calibrated (month, day, year), specific calibration due date and the initial of the person calibrated the equipment.


Instrument Calibration- Out of Calibration Monitoring and Measurement Device or having limitations of their use shall be labeled “DO NOT USE”.

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