CNC Turning Machine

CNC Turning Machine Campaign – It was Saturday afternoon & like every other day we were working in our desk. We had a meeting with sir & designing team. We had known that “Victor Rawlinson” the owner of worlds one of the most renowned importer ‘’David Howard’’, was going to visit our factory for the last time because he was retiring. You may read CNC Drilling Machine Safety and Working Procedure ….

Machine specification

  • No of CNC Turning Machine m/c : 01
  • Turning m/c-:                                             
  • Brand name- MERSAN                       
  • Country- Turkey                                        
  • Year of manufacturing- 2007         

CNC Turning

  • Turning is a process that is applied for removing the dust, extra fabric & turn the fabric back or front wise.
  • Fabric is feed through to roller & passed through stainless steel pipe.Then the air of the pipe blows it & pass through another roller where remove dust& turn the fabric backword.Then a conveyor belt delivered the fabric.

Operational parameter

  • Set the padder pressure as required (3-7bar)
  • Set the speed as much as possible (30-80m/min).

Function of the Machine

  • Used to remove the dust after pretreatment and dyeing.
  • To open the tube fabric .
  • Delivering fabric increase free state.

Process sequence of Finishing Section:

Tube Finish ↓
Dewatering ↓
Drying ↓
Compacting ↓
Inspection ↓
Delivery CNC Turning Machine

Marketing Policy

We decided to change the whole interior of the building. We decided to make a portrait of victor Rawlinson & change our window display. We also made a plan of designing the banner & changing the beam decoration. We were divided into two groups. We were two members in each group. After two days we got our budget to buy all of our equipment. We collected everything from different was not an easy task.

We started our work. We, two members were working for the portrait & two for the window display. We started our portrait from 12:00 p.m. & it was completed at 10:00 p.m. Sometimes we worked together for window display. We selected the street theme for our window display. We created an environment of U.K. Graffiti Street. We used some props like skate board, helmet, accessories etc. to create proper environment for the display.

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