List of Dryer for Textile Industry and Printing Industry

List of Dryer for Textile Industry and Printing Industry

Dryer for Textile Industry:

Dryer is textile machinery and textile technology use in textile  finishing step of Garments washing process. At the end of Hydro Extractor and de watering machine the fabrics is entered into dryer. It is important to know that the importance of  the product which need to be dried. It is used in textile finishing unit of textile industry, garment industry and printing industry. 

List of Dryer Machine:

Roller Squeezer in Garment industry

Roller Squeezers

Functions of Dryer for Printing Industry:

  • Dryer control the overfeed system in  textile finishing
  • It match shade of fabric is used in textile industry, garment industry and printing industry,
  • It is use as washing machine which is used in textile industry, garment industry and printing industry.
  • It adjust tone of fabric of textile technology
  • Dryer control the shrinkage of the fabric textile industry, garment industry and printing industry.
  • Dryer control GSM of fabric in textile finishing stage

Specifications of Standard Continuous Tumble Dryer:

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value”] [label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value”]
Product Category Dryer
Machine Category Continuous Tumble Dryer
Product Name Continuous Tumble Dryer for Terry Towel
Product Model Supplier Based
Product Class New
Origin China/Others
Brand/Manufacturer Supplier Based
Agent in Bangladesh No
Power 380v, 54100W
Temperature Normal
Certification SGS/Others
Production Capacity NA
Working width 1800-2400mm
Control cabinet control
Automatic Grade NA
Dimension(L*W*H) 6.3*3.2*3
Heating steam heating
Weight 5 Tons
Speed Inverter Control
Description XTD Ultra Tumble was designed and fabricated specailly for terry towel fabric drying.High Efficiency Blower,Touch Screen Controller, Multi Filtering Device, High Quality Conveyor Belt, and continous tumbling process greatly save running cost for the terry towel processing with high production capacity and perfect tumbling result.

Feature of Dryer:

  • Two burners exist in dryer machine,
  • Conveyor is used for conveying garments
  • Dryer of garment industry textile industry have two conveyor belt
  • Heating zone  operate vibration
  • Process air pressure switch is present in Dryer of garment industry textile industry
  • Maximum temp. increase up to 1600C .
  • Steam dryer facility of washing machine symbols
  • Industrial dryer have present steam control switch.
[1] Md FayZul Haque RaZu, B.Sc in Textile Engineering, Primeasia University, Dhaka, Bangladesh razu.fayzul@gmail.com

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