Relax Dryer Machine

Drying is defined as a process where the liquid portion of the solution is evaporated from the fabric. Curing- Curing is a repetitive drying process to cure the cross-linking agent. The operator fixes the expreader as per the required width of the fabric, then sets the temperature, machine speed and over feed (depends on construction of fabric and shades) and then he feeds the fabric to machine for production.

Process Requirements

  • Equipment used
  • Following equipment are used for drying process
  • Ruckh Relax Dryer (Germany)
  • Computerised Operating Panel
  • Key Accessories
  • Following key accessories are used for drying process:
  • Measuring Tape
  • Di-Cutter (for yield checking)
  • Electronic Balance
  • Expreader
  • Scissors, and
  • Materials / Chemicals Used

Safety of Relax Dryer Machine

  • Following Do’s and Don’ts are to be followed during operation :
  • Do not wear loose dress that may entangle with the machine parts while running.
  • Do not touch the overfeed roller during running the machine.
  • Be careful about the guiding wheel of expreader during machine operation.
  • Do not open the chamber doors while running the gas burner and blower.
  • Wear rubber gloves and facemask while cleaning the screen filter and machine.
  • Be careful in handling the trolley of fabrics.
  • Be aware of the first aid treatment procedure.

Operation Procedure of Relax Dryer Machine 

Operation Staff

 Operation staffs of Finishing Process includes:

  • Manager
  • Textile Technologist / Production Executive
  • Production Co-ordinator
  • Operator
  • Assistant Operator
  • Helper

Relax Dryer Machine Set-up

Machine set up for the Relax Dryer is as follows:

Machine ParametersSet-up Value
Temperature SettingMachine
Blower Fan SettingAuto
Exhaust Fan SettingAuto
Machine Speed3-35 m/m  : Depends on the quality of fabric.
Over Feed0-40 % : Depends on the fabric’s construction.
Width of Expreader Setting45-114 cm Depends on the required width of fabrics.
Burner Gas Pressure10-15 M/Bar

Checklist Before Operation

Operator must check the following items before drying or curing the fabric in the relax dryer machine:

  • Machine parameters are set.
  • Required manpower is available for production.
  • Fabric for feed side is ready.
  • Expreader is guided up ( when needed), and
  • An empty trolley is ready at delivery side.

Product Quality Check

Shade Check: In delivery side operator checks the shades with the customer approved swatch with the help of Q.C. Inspector. If any deviation is found, he informs the responsible shift officer who takes the necessary action to overcome the problem.

Width Check: Operator measures fabric width by using a measuring tape and compare with the required width which is mentioned in the batch card and verify that required width with the shift officer.

Weight Check: Operator checks the weight by using the GSM cutter and electronics balance and compares with the required finished weight which mentioned in the batch card and then verify that weight with the shift officer.

Compaction Check: Operator checks the compaction (length and width) by using a compaction scale and informs to shift officers.

Fault Check: The operator checks for the knitting fault (e.g. double yarn, missing yarn, yarn contamination etc.), spinning faults (i.e. Barre mark, hairiness, neps etc.), dyeing faults (i.e. Dye stain, shade variation, patches, uneven etc.), and other faults (e.g. Rub mark, dust, etc.) during drying the fabric and are not recorded on the Batch Card, following necessary action to be taken to overcome such problems:

Check the feed side fabric to make sure that these faults did not occur from the previous process.

Stop the machine to identify whether these faults are occurring due to machine fault or the faults are due to the nature of dyes.

Fabric Bow and Slant Check: At the delivery side, the operator checks the bow and slant of fabric. If any abnormality is found, he adjusts the overfeed and speed of expreaders guide wheel.

Q.C. Sample Tests

One-meter sample fabric is cut from each batch (after drying) and sent to the Quality Control Department to check the shade finally as well as other parameters, which is required by the customer. Refer to Off Line Quality Control Tests Specification (Document No. 81-101) for details.

Response to Equipment Faults

Following are the response to be taken in case of equipment fault of Relax Drying machine:

Machine FaultsResponse
Teflon ProblemMechanical Engineer should be called
Expreader ProblemMechanical Engineer should be called
Plaiter ProblemMechanical Engineer should be called
Speed, Temperature ProblemElectrical Engineer should be called
Conveyer ProblemMechanical Engineer should be called
Gas Pressure ProblemMechanical/Electrical Engineer should be called
Flame DisturbanceMechanical/Electrical Engineer should be called
Burner ProblemElectrical Engineer should be called

Machine /Area Cleaning

The daily and weekly cleaning works for Relax Dryer Machine are described below :

  • Clean the sieves that can be reached from the outside of the machine at least once per shift
  • Clean all the screen filter in every shift.
  • Clean the trolley properly before using that in delivery side.
  • Clean the air ducts at least once a week.
  • Clean all the upper filters at least once a week.
  • The Maintenance Department performs the preventive maintenance task as per the PM schedule. Refer to Maintenance Specification for details.

Applicable Forms & Documents

  • Forms & Documents Used
  • The necessary forms & documents for Relax Dryer process are listed below :
  • Process Batch Card
  • Machine Downtime Report
  • Production Register of Relax Dryer Machine
  • Document Flow
  • The document flow of Finishing Process is as follows:
  • Operator fills out the Batch Card  and the concerned officer put his signature on it upon verification. The Batch Card moves with the fabric for the next step of finishing process(e.g. Tubular Compactor, De-water, Drying or Slitting).
  • Machine Downtime Report is maintained to keep record of any stoppage in production due to machine break down or any other reason. Operator fills this and the responsible officer sign on it upon verification
  • Production Register of Relax Dryer Machine is used to keep records of date wise production details. Operator fills this out along with his remarks (if any) and this report is recorded for future reference.Attachments
  • Examples of all applicable forms and documents are attached.
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