Pressure Process Station

Pressure Process Station -Used to control pressure. It is fitted with PID controller, compressor, needle valve, motorized valve, solenoid valves, safety valve, bourdon pressure gauges. transducer, storage tank, process tank etc. It uses air as a gas whose pressure is controlled at any specific desired value inside the process tank.

Pressure Process Station Specification

  • Fixed Supply DC: +12V, +15V, -15V & +24V
  • Vessel: 5 Liter approx.
  • Piping: Plastic
  • Pressure Sensor: Manometer Direct Reading, Strain Gauge
  • Valves: Manual, Solenoid, Motorized valve, No Return, Safety set at 2.0 Bar
  • Apparatus Pump: 35psi
  • Pressure Sensor Interface: Differential Amplifier with Offset and Gain Control
  • ON/OFF Control: Comparator with Hysteresis Control
  • Analog Source: 0 — +10V, 0 — nOV
  • PID Controller: Proportional, Integral & Differential Control with Feedback
  • Pump Driver: DC to PWM Driver with DC Level Offset Control
  • Solenoid Valve Driver: ON/OF Control with Driver Manua & auto
  • Accessories: Power Cord, 2mm Patch Cord, Experiment Manual,
  • Data Acquisition Unit
  • PC Interface Software


Two swatches from finished state Bulk Fabric, dyed or printed, must be submitted to the relevant Buying Department .  Each swatch must fill the box and contain one full pattern repeat where applicable.

A full Bulk Test report must be submitted at the same time to the Fabric Technology Department.

Bulk fabric will be assessed for:       Appearance



                                                                Print Quality where applicable

One sheet will be returned to the supplier and signed if approved against the above criteria.

Bulk fabric is not fully approved until the Bulk Fabric Test report has also been approved.


Suppliers may be authorised by Auto Garments to self approve their own test reports.

Such authorisation will be instigated by Auto Garments on the basis of the suppliers historical performance with regard to testing.

The authorisation can be withdrawn at the discretion of Auto Garments at any time.

Pressure Process Station – Auto  will carry out random due diligence testing on deliveries to ensure that fabric performance is consistent with the reports submitted. If the garment is found to be inconsistent with the test report and likely to result in customer returns – Auto Garments reserve the right to recall the product from store and return to the vendor at their cost.