Analytical sieve shaker

Sieve Shaker -Should have a set of sieves and a controllable electromagnetic drive with preferably following features. This unit should be suitable for both dry and wet sieving as well as for a variety of materials applications, separation, fractioning, particle size determination including cement/clinker construction materials, chemicals, coffee, fertilizers, fillers, flours, grains, metals powders, minerals, nuts, plastics, sand, seeds, soils, slurries and suspensions etc. To conduct its business in an environmentally responsible manner. We sale E Procurement System Software  sss


In implementing the policy, we will:

  • Ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Incorporate environmental consideration into our practices with regard to the use of natural resources, energy consumption and waste disposal.
  • Seek to ensure environmental awareness and responsibility on the part of our staff, our suppliers and partners in the implementation of projects, in facilities, management and operation.
  • Remain committed to prevent pollution. We will encourage recycling of waste materials and discourage the use of environmentally unfriendly products.
  • We will continuously monitor and improve our environmental performances.

Analytical sieve shaker Specification

  • Measuring range: Particle size= 20 pm to 25 mm
  • Sieving motion: throwing motion with angular momentum
  • Min. Batch] feed capacity: 3 kg
  • Analytical sieve shaker Min. Number of fractions: 9/17
  • Time display: digital, 1-99 min
  • Interval operation: 10 sec
  • Suitable sieve diameters: 100mm/150mm/200mm/203mm (8″)
  • Max. Height of sieve stack: 450mm