Mathis lab dryer

Principle of mathis lab dryer       :

The conditions of exhaust processing on a jet are simulated.

The capacity of a penetration accelerant to destroy foam or control foaming during a dyeing cycle is assessed by measuring the foam level in a Mathis laboratory overflow jet.

Apparatus mathis lab dryer overflow jet JFO with Datex 200 control (  70 mm jet )  
Liquor circulation 100 l/min.  
Fabric speed   20 m/min.  
Textile material 750 g Tersuisse tricot   ( item No. 5-4204 )  
Dyes 0.15% Terasil Yellow 4G 0.40% Terasil Red 5G 0.15% Terasil Navy BGLN 200% (dispersed in 500 ml de-ionized water )  
Chemicals 1.35 g/l Univadin DIF 2.0   g/l ammonium sulphate (dissolved in 500 ml de-ionized water)  
Product under test 0.5 g/l (diluted with 100 ml de-ionized water )  
Water de-ionized (permutit) water  
pH  pH 4 – 4.5 with formic acid 85 %  
Liquor ratio in Dryer Unit 10  : 1
  Dyeing cycle   o o o o   o o o     o   o   o o   load fabric into jet add 6 lt. water and heat to 60°C pump liquor into preparation tank add dissolved chemicals, dyes and test product to preparation tank adjust to pH 4 – 4.5 run liquor back into dyeing machine bulk liquor to 7.5 lt.   Dyeing  (programme No. 2) raise temperature at 1.5°C/min to 130°C and hold it there for 30 min. note foam level at intervals of 10°C and enter in the separate table ( enclosure 1 ) cool at 1.5°C/min to 80°C then rinse cold  


mathis lab dryer -The foam generated is measured in cm, and the results are plotted in the form of a graph.

Procedure for starting the FOAMY

o   Switch on FOAMY      

Press “ON/OFF” button of B. Display of A flashes !

o   Briefly press key "0" of A   -->   flashing stops   -->  A ready for program selection

o Program selection
Hold down key “0” of A. In display of A “00” or a figure appears above Step. Press the key “+” or “-” of A at the same time to select the program.
In the case of the antifoams it is program 01. —> enclosure 3

o   Choice of liquor flow rate

Press key “Const” of B , then button “liquor flow rate control” of B. “Liquor flow rate” is activated in the display of B.
Set the desired value by pressing the key “+” or “-” of B .
In the case of the antifoams this is 1.6 lt/min.

o   Preparation of program start

Press key “+” or “-” of A until the number “01” appears in the A display in the Step field.
The program is now ready to start.

o   Textile material

Load the textile material loosely on the support and insert it into the cylinder of the FOAMY. Close cylinder.

o   Foaming medium

Pour 1000 ml foaming medium into the foam generating cylinder. Close cylinder.

o   Starting the program

Actuate the “Press” key of B. The system is pressurized. At 0.9 bar actuate the “Press” key again to stop the pressure increasing further.

o   Press the "Pump" key of B.  Liquor circulation starts.

Wait until the rate of liquor flow has stabilized at about 1.6 lt/min.

o   Press key "S" of A .The time/temperature program starts running.

The entries and the current temperature, time and program step status now alternately appear in the A display.

o   When the layer of foam in the foam generation cylinder has reached a thickness of 30 cm, meter in the required amount of antifoam via the sluice.

o   Foam thickness in cm:  note and record with reference to table "Foam measurement FOAMY ".  -->  enclosure 4

o   On completion of testing, drain off liquor, remove material and clean FOAMY by a separate program.