What is Shell Tube and Heat Exchanger
What is Shell Tube and Heat Exchanger

What is Shell Tube and Copper Heat Exchanger ?

Shell Tube and Copper Heat Exchanger

Shell Tube and Copper Heat Exchanger unit: should be made of metal (Stainless Steel) having no. of 1 Shell pass and no. of 2 Tube passes preferably having following specifications and dimensions: Thickness= 4mm, L= 20inch, SS pipe, D= 4inch, 1 SS tubes, L= 20inch, D,=9mm, Do= 12mm, 10-18 Baffles with 25% cut, 3 SS Flanges D= 6inch, Thick= 12mm, 4 SS nut & bolts, 16 Socket SS welded, D= 3/4inch, 4 all welded argon. Temperature indicators: Thermocouple K-Type with individual no. of 04 display units. Electric panel. We provide CRM Contact Management System and CRM Integration Free sss

Training Point for Heat Setting

  • Roll to roll sewing before heat setting must be straight.
  • Stenter should be nonstop during heat setting.
  • Burner net should be cleaned in every batch
  • Check pin clip before heat setting, if required perform maintenance.
  • Check burner before heat setting .
  • Check padder pressure is correct according to specification.
  • Check set width according to specification.
  • Check exhauster according to specification.
  • Check temperature according to specification.


  • Heat seal manufactures should advise heat seal machine variables for each individual product they supply, including temperature, pressure and dwell time.
  • A specification sheet by style should be available during the heat seal process showing above requirements.
  • First production of each color should be tested 25 launderings for adhesion.
  • Each individual heat seal machine should tested twice a day for adhesion with 3 launderings. Copper Heat Exchanger

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