Digital Viscometer

Digital Viscometer Rota – speed 0 3 and 250 rpm              

meat.e with Standards   ASTM / OIN 150 2555 / ISO 3219 ,der MS-R Standards  QUO Range From 0.05 to 13 mNm and From 0.005 to 0.8 mNm  Digital Viscometer Temperature -SOX to + 300 Y.    

uracy     / 1 %     

ability    /- 0.2 %

Digital Viscometer Capacity Iml) 3.100 ml. viscosity Range 3 – 180.000,000 milts.   Display Option   Viscosity – Speed – Torque – Temperature – Time – Measuring geometry. Level of sensitivity – Date/hour – Choice of viscosity u French/English      its cP or mPa s Language

Fabric Submission Procedure


All initial samples must be submitted to the relevant Buying Team with two copies of the attached Fabric Quality Submission . Initial samples are often submitted in available quality fabric which is closest for shade etc. to be shown at meetings, it is essential that an example of the correct quality of fabric is also available for approval.

The form must be completed as follows:A swatch of the correct fabric quality large enough to fill the box must be                                                             attached to both sheets.

Supplier:                The name of the garment supplier

Dept:                      The Auto  Buying Department the style is for

Style Ref:               The Auto  reference

Description:   Description of garment being sampled ( including any other fabrics on product)

Fabric Construction:      e.g.  Single Jersey, Twill etc.

Fibre Composition         Fibre composition of swatch submitted (this must be                                            the same composition as you intend to use in the style).

Yarn Count:                     The count of the yarn used in the fabric

Weight:                             The finished weight of the fabric / m2.

Courses/3cm & Wales/3cm: The courses and wales on the finished fabric if knitted

Machine gauge:          The gauge of machine the fabric has been knitted on

Ends/inch & Picks/inch:     The ends and picks on the finished fabric if woven

Fabric Supplier:Name of the fabric supplier if fabric being bought                              finished or the name of the supplier if fabric bought                              greige and commission dyed.

Fabric Dyer:                          Name of dyer to be used.

Dye Type:                             e.g. Reactive
Dye Method:                        e.g. Exhaust, Pad, Dip Dye

Finishing Route:                  e.g. compaction, softener, resin, peach etc.

Base Test:             Indicate in this area whether you have submitted a base fabric test report for this quality of fabric and whether it has been approved by Auto . The report cover sheet MUST stipulate if it is a new product / fabric.

If the fabric quality is approved for handle and appearance, one copy will be signed and returned to the supplier as a quality reference for this style. The bulk fabric must be of the same quality as this approval.

If at any stage during the development of the style, the fabric quality is changed, including the fibre composition,  then the above process must be repeated and a swatch of correct quality fabric approved by the buying department.

Development Fabrics

If a fabric is still in development at initial sample stage, then it must be submitted to the Buying Department using the procedure outlined above when correct fabric is available before garment production. The Buying Department will then return the approval, referencing it back to the relevant contract.

A fabric quality is not fully approved until it has been approved by the Buying Department for Handle & Appearance, and Fabric Technology for Base Test.

Established Fabric Qualities

Where a fabric quality is established and has been used for more than one season for Auto Garments then it should be set up as an Approved Fabric Quality with the Fabric Technology Department.

One hanger per fabric type in each weight should be submitted to the Fabric Technology department along with fabric specification and full test report. These will be used as a benchmark to measure the forthcoming submissions.

Digital Viscometer- All Approved Fabric hangers will be held in a directory on the Fabric Technology Department for comparison.