What is Temperature Process Station
What is Temperature Process Station

What is Digital Watlow Temperature Controller?

Digital Temperature Controller

Watlow Temperature Controller – To be used to control temperature. It is fitted with PID controller, pumps, valves, heaters, bi-metallic gauge, k-type thermocouples, service tank, process tank, stirrer, radiator etc. It uses water as a liquid whose temperature is controlled at any specific desired value inside the process tank. sss

Temperature Process Station Specification

  • Fixed Supply DC: +12V, +15V, -15V & +24V
  • Process Vessel: 5 Liter approx.
  • Storage tank: 20 Liter approx.
  • Heater Element: 200W
  • Water Grculation Pump: 10 l/min
  • Piping: PVC
  • Thermal Sensors: K-Type Thermocouple, PT100, Bi-metall c Direct Reading
  • Valves: Drain Valve Manual Type
  • Level Sensor: Float Switch with LED indicator
  •  Flow Sensor: Rotameter Direct Reading Type  Cooling Watlow Temperature Controller : Auto Control with PID Cooling Apparatus: Heat Exchanger with Fan
  • Operation Mode: Internal & External
  •  Watlow Temperature Controller Sensor Interface: DC Amplifier with Offset and Gain Control
  • ON/OFF Control: Comparator with Hysteresis Control 
  • Analog Source: 0 – ±10V
  •  PIO Controller: Proportional, Integral & Differential Control with Feedback Pump Driver: DC to PWM Driver with DC Level Offset Control
  • Heater Driver: DC to PWM Driver with DC Level Offset Control  Accessories: Power Cord, 2mm Patch Cord, Experiment Manual,
  • Data Acquisition Unit  PC Interface Software

Chemical  Requirements

Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates (APEO’s) – alternatives MUST be used.

Phthalate – It is Auto  aim to remove all phthalates from clothing so alternatives should be used. Limits are set at < 0.1%.

Chrome VI – All leather products / goods should be tested for compliance against 60ppm max.

Sulphur Dyes – should only be used where the mill holds an Oekotex Certificate for the process. Please contact the Fabric Technology team for clarification.

Azo Dyes – All products must comply to the ‘The Controls on Certain Azo Dyes and “Blue Colourant” Regulations 2003’. 

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