Chemical Inventory List

We are   submitting our report about our observation. Due to limited time frame & limited man power we were unable to confirm all type of Chemical Inventory List work related physical inventory. A detail report is shown here ..

  • Responsible Name
  • Update dated of Chemical Inventory List
  • Chemical Product (commercial name)  
  • Chemical Substances Name
  • Chemical identification numbers
  • Numbers Existing Commercial Chemical Substances)
  • Classification and labeling (hazard phrases) of the substance, such as Hazard Data [Including Physical (H), Health (H) & Environmental (E)]
  • Concentration of Substances (w/w %)
  • Substance Use (description)
  • Chemical Supplier Name
  • Chemical Supplier Contact Email, name and address
  • Consumption (kg) of chemicals
  • Quality Regular Check
  • SDS Present
  • Clothing Inventory Management Software ERP for Sale
  • CAS (Chemical Abstract Service) ,and / orEINECS (European inventory
  • Others or Remark of Chemical Inventory List,
  • Chemical product identification & company name,
  • Hazards identification,
  • First Aid measures,
  • Accidental release measures,
  • Personal protective equipment,
  • Inventory List -Toxicological information

Reporet Observation

Fixed Assets: No any fixed assets register maintain here, as a result in future we never reconciliation with depot fixed assets.

Recommendation: We suggest maintaining the fixed assets register to all depot/sub office for keep the record every fixed assets details.

Purchase procedure in depot/sub-office: No any systematic purchase procedure follow-up in office.

When goods in house to depot/sub office no any purchase price mention as a result store personnel were not up the purchase price.


  • Need keeping the register for every goods in/out time.
  • Need purchase price declared when goods in house to store.
  • Need send an inventory report to accounts & finance department every month.
  • Purchase voucher/Bill forwarded to accounts department within 10 of each next month.

Sales proceeds:

  • No any systematic record keeping data based found here.
  • Soles occurred but stock unchanged
  • No any security system to protect the company assets.


  • Need a recording system here and give a report to accounts for every month end.
  • Need reduced the stock when goods out from stock
  • Need security procreation to depot office for goods save.

Credit note: No any information recorded about credit note in depot. Office but goods were physically in house to depot. Office. No any credit not information passes to central accounts accordingly.


  • Specific information need for credit note, mention the customer name from which customer’s goods return to depot office.
  • Up to date credit note information pass to accounts and central store for update the customers ledger.
  • Need maintain credit note data base information for follow up the customers.

Non sales:

  • Non item was sales but no any information pass to accounts dept.
  • Bank was credited against non sales but information was not focus for overall. End of Chemical Inventory List