Sample Warping Machine
Sample Warping Machine

What is Sample Warping Machine? Raw Material

Sample Warping Machine

List of similar installed Sample Warping Machine in universities/industry in Pakistan and worldwide with their contact information List of trained engineers available for after sale service/maintenance Additional Points: …

Specification of Sample Warping Machine

The Customer shall be liable for and fully indemnity the Company against all duties, taxes, and import levies, deposits, demurrage or outlays of any kind levied in any part of the world in connection with the goods. When goods are accepted or dealt with by the Company upon instructions from the Customer to collect freight, duties, charges or other expenses from the consignee or any other person, the Customer shall remain responsible for paying the same if they are not upon delivery paid by such consignee or other person.

  • 3materials: Cotton, Polyester Cotton, Kevlar, Carbon, Glass, Jute or similar
  • Sample Warping Machine al Working Width: 850 mm or higher
  • Drum Circumference: 2000 mm or more
  • Sample Warping Machine Speed: 350 m/min or higher
  • Stop motion
  • Maximum number of threads: 5200 or higher
  • Warping beam length range: 3 meters (min.) — 7 meters (max)
  • Automatic Colour Selectors: 4
  • Touch Screen Panel
  • Integrated Beaming Unit
  • Stationary Creel: 4 or more accumulators
  • Number of weaver beams: 4 or more
  • Stationary hook system for better grip of synthetic yarn
  • Warping with ring technology
  • Equipped with 5 leasing rods and 2 leases
  • Setup for knotting
  • Power back up for emergency shut down in safe mode
  • Real time data acquisition / analysis system (fixed)
  • All parts / accessories required to make machine operational on site

Raw Material

The Customer warrants the accuracy of all descriptions, values and other particulars furnished to the Company for customs, consular and other purposes. A document signed by the Company but prepared by the Customer shall under no circumstances by evidence of the condition or the correctness of the declared nature, quality, quantity or weight of the consignment at the time of receipt by the Company.

In the case of livestock the Customer further warrants that there has been and will be no breach of the international Air Transport Association Live Animal Regulations, a copy of which the Customer acknowledges having seen and by which is destined for the purpose of these Conditions.

The customer will fully indemnity the Company against all losses which it may suffer and all penalties and expenses which it may sustain by reason of the breach of any warranty given by Customer. The words “goods” shall include livestock in these Conditions where the context so admits.

We sale Garments Accessories Software

  • Color NO: be brighter
  • Design NO: fabric must be well straight respecting the grain
  • Stripes width OK
  • Quality OK
  • Color NO: to be darker
  • Design NO: fabric must be well straight respecting the grain
  • Stripes width OK
  • Quality OK
  • Color NO: too grey and blue
  • Design NO: fabric must be well straight respecting the grain
  • Stripes width OK
  • Quality OK
  • Color NO: too grey to be brighter
  • Design NO: fabric must be well straight respecting the grain
  • Stripes width OK
  • Quality OK
  • Color NO: too yellow
  • Design NO: fabric must be well straight respecting the grain
  • Stripes width OK
  • Sample Warping Machine Quality OK

Finished Product Order Process:-

  • On getting the inquiry from the customer, the below points to be clarified:-
  • Customer’s FSC Claim requirement
  • LOGO sizes and logo placements
  • Other specs like GSM etc.
  • Upon clarification of above, the Logo has to be down loaded from FSC Websight and make the lay out and place the logo on the product and send to SGS Sri Lanka for approval.
  • The record will have to be preserved with:-
  • Upon approval of the logo and lay out by SGS Sri Lanks the approved logo and lay out to be distributed to Design Dept, production floor and QA Department.

Sampling And Bulk

  • Paper requisition has to be issued by production floor to Store for samples.
  • On each issue of the Paper requisition, store has to be attached the updated paper inventory report.
  • After approval of the sample, production floor will issue requisition for bulk paper requisition.
  • Store will update the latest paper inventory report upon issuing the paper for bulk.
  • Distribution of the latest inventory report:

QA Audits

  • Qa Audit to be carried out in line production.
  • QA Inline Audit report to be preserved with QA and Production floor,
  • Upon completion of the production, the final inspection to be carried out by QA and distribute the Final Inspection report to MR and Production floor and store.

Delivery Documents To Prepared:-

  • For delivery the below documents to be prepared.
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Challan
  • All documents must show :
  • FSC JOB number
  • FSC Claims
  • Delivery Quantity
  • GSM etc.


End of Sample Warping Machine article. Highlights the points on the orders of offset printing goods to be executed at our off-set printing unit.

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