Yarn Testing Machine

  • Pre-selectable extension of Yarn Testing Machine
  • *Gauge length between the godets upto 1000 mm;
  • Electrically heated temperature upto 450 C
  • Automatic traversing for yam introduction to the heater
  • Load cells (1000cN or higher)
  • Yam Speed Upto 900m/min
  • PC System for controlling Test Processes
  • Pre-tensioning device
  • ‘Standard
  • ASTM D5344


  • Measurement of linear density with the vibration method
  • Continuously adjustable gauge length
  • Measuring range up to 220 cN,
  • Static tensile test
  • Cyclic load testing,
  • Creep- and relaxation trials
  • Linear-density measuring system


  • Weight of individual rolls measured on a calibrated scale with accuracy to the nearest tenth of a pound. 
  • Core weight (tare weight) to be considered ½ pound unless otherwise agreed.
  • Maximum roll weights to be stated in contract and/or purchase order.  They can vary by program, cutting facility, etc.
  • The weight of the fabric roll will not vary more than +/- 5% from the style specification weight. 
  • Shipping weights are based on lot or batch averages.
  • Roll Weights outside the +/- 5% variation are not to be rejected unless they are substantially beyond the 5% variation.
  • Fabric weight is quoted in terms of ounces per square yard, ounces per linear yard, grams per square meter and fabric yield.  In the case of open-width fabrics, the standard weight is based on the overall width of the fabric.
  • Ounces per Square Yard is the area weight of the fabric.  The oz/yd2 is taken by weighing the known area of a test fabric and calculating the ratio of weight in ounces to one square yard of the same fabric.  (see fabric specifications and test methods)
  • The fabric weight for most styles is guaranteed to be within plus or minus five percent (+/- 5%) of the standard ounces/square yard (oz/ yd2).  Ex: If the standard ounces per square yard is 5.5, the tolerance would be 5.22 to 5.78 oz/yd2.


Yield is the actual number of yards shipped divided by the total pounds shipped.  Tolerance on yield is also +/- 5% of total lot or shipment.  End of Yarn Testing Machine post