What is Fabric Hydrostatic Head Tester
What is Fabric Hydrostatic Head Tester

What is Fabric Hydrostatic Head Tester?

Hydrostatic Head Tester

Hydrostatic Head Tester -Internal water reservoir ‘Maximum pressure 3 bar

10 cm’, 19.63 cm’, 26 cm’ , 28 cm’, 100 cm’ test head and Pore Size Attachment included. Read about Yarn Evenness Tester

Fulfills AATCC 127 BS 3321 ERT 120-1 ISO 811 AFNOR G07-057 BS EN 20811 ERT 160-0 ISO 9073-16 1151092 B-b ASTM D751 EN 343 GB/T 47441ST 080.4 (01)157 080.6 (01) WSP 080.6.R4 (12)  Securely holds samples of up to 30 mm thick

Fabric Quality

It is Auto Childrenswear Group policy to provide our customers with quality product that is value for money and which consistently meets their expectations and requirements. Our products must be fit for purpose and meet the appropriate durability standards.

The safety of our products is of paramount importance and therefore it is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure that our products comply to both legislative requirements and the group quality assurance requirements.

Should any agent or supplier be found not adhering to these requirements, all current and future business dealings will be reviewed with immediate effect.

An Audit Report

Audit Findings/ suggestion Root Cause Recommendation Corrective action plan by factory management
Wastage found kept without separation. Lack of awareness & shortage of manpower  Need to Wastage segregation The factory management will kept all waste in a segregated manner.
Supplier performance based on capacity , delivery performance , Hydrostatic Head Tester performance were not conducted   They did know the system of supplier performance . Factory management are requested to do Supplier performance on Six month basis . Factory Management will established proper system & will do accordingly
Quality did not able to show the lab dip Lack of responsible guys Quality people Should more aware on this issue . Factory management will maintain accordingly
Worker are not aware of using the PPE  Lack of proper monitoring & awareness. Factory management maintain it properly. Factory Management will established a proper monitoring system & also give awareness to the concern person.
General store found without restriction and photo identity of authorized personnel. Factory concern not aware regarding this issue The factory management will conduct investigation after providing the security The factory management will ensure proper system to confirm the security of store.

Finishing Related Defects and Problems

Softener Spots-

Definition and Causes:

This is caused by one or combination of the following:

Undesolved softener particles or lumps deposited on the fabric during the padding Process of the Tenter Frame

Mixing chemically incompatible softeners, i.e., Cat-ionic and An-ionic softeners with Silicone softeners and the resulting coagulation of the molecules and their deposit on the fabric

The use of Silicone softeners having high solid contents without the use of Acetic Acid

Preventive Suggestions:

When using softeners, all technical aspects need to be considered.

Corrective Measures:

With Silicone spots, there are no fully effective processes available. This is due to the fiber reactive nature of these types of softeners and the bond formation process that takes place.


With other types of softeners, a strong alkali rinse will be effective in removing the spots. Hydrostatic Head Tester is sold by us

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