Linen yarn – All types of yarn machines are described in this category

What is Yarn Package Dyeing Machine? Knit Yarn Dyeing price

Yarn Package Dyeing Machine

Yarn Package Dyeing Machine Yarn Package Dyeing Machine Minimum 3 Kg yarn capacity 4emperature up to 140 °CHigh Temperature/High Pressure Package Dyeing Machine 17,Suitable for 1 – 6 packagesAdditions tankHigh Temperature drainTouch-screen PC Controller linked to PLC. Batch Storage of all inputs/outputs. Read about Deep Dyeing Knit Yarn Dyeing price …

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What is Yarn Evenness Tester? Fabric Defect Manual

What is Yarn Evenness Tester

Determination of trash and dust particles in the Yarn Evenness TesterDetermination of the diameter, roundness, density and the surface structure of the yarnDetermination of the yarn hairinessMeasuring unit for heavy sliver, wool tops in the range 12-80 ktexDetermination of the unevenness and imperfections (thin and thick places plus neps)Determination of …

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What is Flammability Testing Equipment?

Flameability Tester

Flammability Testing Equipment Flammability Testing Equipment : Marker thread switch interchangeable test frame with frame stubs and pins Finishing:  heat resistant finish Ignition :automatic ignition Control: burner to specimen adjustor                 gas flow regulator                 burner setting guages Data extraction: test report exportation Standards EN ISO 6940EN ISO 6941EN ISO …

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