Yarn Fiction Tester. Yarn vs Npm

Yarn Fiction Tester – Applicable to Multiple yarn type Friction angle adjustable
Pretension Applicable
Pretension range 0-24CN
Yarn testing speed 20m/min or 110m/min
All accessories required to make equipment operational
JISL1095 ASTM D3108 ASTM D3412


It is the suppliers responsibility to ensure that any product being supplied to Auto Garments which falls into any of the following categories comply with the batch coding requirements.

Continuity Garments

Every new production run must be identifiable by a batch code, visible on a permanent label attached to the garment.  A full fabric test report must be carried out and submitted to Auto  for our records every 12 months.

Continuity Garments

In addition to the above requirements, Press Fastener With press fasteners Data Sheets must be submitted to the relevant technologist for each new production run.


Where a toy is produced in more than one production run or a repeat order is placed on a toy, each production run must be identified by a batch code attached to the toy on a permanent label. A full test report to EN71 must be  carried out on each production run and submitted to Auto . Accessories/ Dressing If a style is repeated over more than one production

Up Outfits

run then each production run must have a batch code attached on a ermanent label. Where styles are Where batch coding is required, the batch should be identified with a number indicating the production run, a forward slash and the last two figures of the year e.g. The first run produced in 2004 would be identified as 01/04. The identification must be on a durable label permanently attached to the product without obstructing any other labeling information. 


All accessories, fancy dress product and toys must be tested to the requirements outlined in Table 7- 9and the reports submitted following the Bulk Test procedure outlined above.

Where a repeat order is placed on the above product, each separate production run must be identified as described in the Batch Coding section.Every production run must be tested to Auto  requirements for toys.  If accessories and fancy dress product are repeated over more than one season then they must be retested each season.

Where a product does not fall clearly into any of the areas outlined then the Fabric Technology Department must be contacted and the testing required will be confirmed.