Yarn Package Dyeing Machine
What is Yarn Package Dyeing Machine

What is Yarn Package Dyeing Machine? Knit Yarn Dyeing price

Yarn Package Dyeing Machine

Yarn Package Dyeing Machine Minimum 3 Kg yarn capacity 4emperature up to 140 °C
High Temperature/High Pressure Package Dyeing Machine 17,
Suitable for 1 – 6 packages
Additions tank
High Temperature drain
Touch-screen PC Controller linked to PLC. Batch Storage of all inputs/outputs. Read about Deep Dyeing

Knit Yarn Dyeing price

Sl.No Type of Yarn Colour Unit Price/Kg Remarks
01. White Shade $ 1.00  
02. Light Shade $ 1.50  
03. Medium Shade $ 1.80  
04. Deep/ Dark Shade $ 2.50  
05. Special Shade $ 2.60  

Dyeing Machine : Cheese Korea


  • Machine No-1= 1,000 kg=1 set
  • Machine No-2=    500 kg=1 set
  • Machine No-3=    400 kg=2 set
  • Machine No-4=    300 kg=2 set
  • Machine No-5=    100 kg=2 set
  • Machine No-6=      50 kg=1 set
  • Machine No-7=      40 kg=1 set
  • Machine No-8=      20 kg=1 set
  • Machine No-9=      15 kg=1 set
  • Machine No-10=    10 kg=1 set
  • Machine No-11=    05 kg=1 set
  • Machine No-12=    03 kg=1 set
  • Total dyeing machine capacity                   :  5,000 kg per day  
  • Soft winding machine capacity                  : 6,000 kg per day                  
  • Hydro instructor machine capacity          : 6,000 kg per day  
  • Dryer machine capacity                             : 6,000 kg per day  
  • Hard winding machine capacity               : 8,000 kg per day  

N.B. This Price Will Be Negotiable In Volume Of Order’s, Season & Situation.  Offer Could Be Changed Without Prior Information According To Market Situation.

Compliance Check list for textile factory

  • Special Protection for Young Workers – N/A
  • Is the factory has young labor management policy?
  • The factory maintains age & fitness documents for all employees?
  • The age & fitness documents certified by a registered doctor?
  • Is the factory employed child labor in the past 12 months?
  • Is factory maintaining all facilities for young workers as per law?
  • Is factory maintain working hours for young workers as per law?
  • Is factory provide training on young labour
  • Is factory regularly giving awareness on young labour
  • No Precarious Employment
  • Is factory has policy & procedures on recruitment and hiring?
  • Is factory system to protect precarious employment?
  • In case of employed any precarious labour, do the factory has the system to remediate it?
  • Is factory provide training on precarious labour?
  • Is factory regularly giving awareness on precarious labour?


Yarn Package Dyeing Machine is used in textile industry. Is the factory has the proper monitoring system to protect precarious labour?

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