What is Laboratory Steamer and Steam Generator?

Laboratory Steamer Features Specs  
Fabric Capacity (m) 3-10  
Width (m) 1.5-2.5  
Temperature 102°C – 106°C
Steam generation capacity 701150 Kg/hr

Pre-Assessment Check points for a factory

  • Licenses & Permits
  • The factory has a valid factory License
  • The factory has a valid Fire License
  • The factory has a valid Trade License
  • The factory has valid permit to operate boilers
  • The factory has a Group Insurance policy for the workers
  • No Child Labour
  • The factory do not employ child labor
  • The factory maintains age & fitness documents for all employees
  • The age & fitness documents certified by a registered doctor
  • Is the factory employed child labor in the past 12 months?
  • Rights of the workers
  • Is there a written employment contract signed between the workers and the factory?
  • Is the workers given a copy of the contract?
  • Is the workers provided with a photo ID card at company cost?
  • No Bonded Labour / Forced Labour
  • Are workers employed voluntarily?
  • Is the probationary period reasonable?
  • Can workers refuse to work overtime without penalty or any consequences?
  • Are workers forced to work overtime against their will?
  • Are incentives related to attendance or efficiency forfeited if a worker does not work overtime?
  • No Discrimination
  • Is there equal pay for equal work regardless of gender?
  • Are female workers asked about their pregnancy status during recruitment or interview?
  • Are the maternity leaves adequate and paid for the eligible workers?
  • The Right of Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
  • Is there any workers organization in the factory?
  • Is workers can free to join any workers organization?
  • Is there a proper grievance procedure in place?
  • Anti-Harassment & Abuse
  • Is factory has anti-harrasment and abuse policy?
  • Is factory has grievance committee and fuctional?
  • Is factory has the system to communicate this with the workers?
  • Is any management system to communicate any anti-harrasment and abuse issues by the workers?
  • Does the factory arrange anti-harrasment training for new and existing workers?
  • Customs Compliance
  • Is factory has customs compliance policy?
  • Is factory aware about customs compliance?
  • Security Compliance
  • Is factory has security compliance policy?
  • Is factory aware of security compliance policy?
  • Is factory provide regular training on security compliance?
  • Is factory maintain proper loading & unloading system?
  • Is factory maintain vehicle check system?
  • Is factory has the system to maintain visitor access control system?
  • Is the factory maintain others security system like patrolling, perimeter checking, key control, enclosed check etc.
  • Is factory has environment management policy & procedures?
  • Is factory has functional ETP?
  • Is factory regularly testing the waste water with all applicable parameter?
  • Is factory has the chemical management policy?
  • Is factory maintain proper chemical management system?
  • Is factory provides regular training on chemical management system?
  • Ethical Business Behaviour
  • Is factory has ethical business behavior management policy & procedures?
  • Is factory has the system for protection of any corruption and bribery?
  • Is factory has the system to give grievance, complain and suggestion if detected any corruption and bribery?
  • Is factory has the proper communication/reporting system for corruption and bribery issue?
  • Is factory maintaining it regularly?
  • Is factory has the system to take disciplinary measures if identified any corruption and bribery?
  • Is factory provide training Ethical Business Behaviour?


Laboratory Steamer and Steam Generator is very important for factories. Is factory regularly giving awareness on Ethical Business Behaviour? Read about Generator Protection and Metering System