Whole Garment Knitting

Whole Garment Knitting options NTU Specifications
Ty trIst ..1   ‘4 Flat Knitting
Feeds Yam carrier 8 and above with bare lycra, inlay, elastic and plating feeding system
Width 40″ and above sss
Gauge E 6 and above
Attachments Knit Designing Software, Computer System, Step motor, USB control system, Holding cutter
Techniques Racking System. Sinker System. Stitch Transfer System, Jacquard with Solenoid, Intarsia Facility.
End Products Whole Garments Knitting Machine , Hats, Mufflers, Neck-tics, Children wear, Leggings, Tanktops, Underwear, Outerwear, Swimwear etc.