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All types of weaving machines are described in this category

What is Rags Tearing Machine? Recycled Fashion Procedure

Rags Tearing Machine is used for Waste Management

Rag Tearing Machine: Rag Tearing Machine is using for textile recycling on woven fabrics and non woven fabrics for Waste management. In this maste management method we can know the fabric/cloth quality and other specification of cloth. That’s there is no way to make choice the normal type of fabric. We can make …

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What is Jacquard Loom? Weaving Machinery and Weaving Looms

Jacquard Needle Loom is Weaving Machinery for Looms

What is Jacquard Loom? Jacquard loom is weaving machinery for weaving looms generally used in the weaving of various kinds of elastic jacquard tapes,jacquard fabric etc. The machine should adopts new electronic jacquard and computerized embroidery  programming system. It can apply to produce all kinds of elastic and unelastic tapes …

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How Projectile Loom Makes Weaving Patterns

Projectile Loom makes beautifull Weaving Patterns for Looming

Projectile Loom for Weaving Patterns: Projectile Loom makes weaving patterns for looming in textile industry. The loom follows weaving techniques those use a projectile equipped with a gripper to carrying weft yarn across the shed is called projectile loom. It allows the insertion of practically any yarn such as cotton, wool, polypropylene ribbon, mono and …

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