Multi-Component Melt Spinning Equipment along with Melt Blender

Melt Blender Specifications – Capable to handle variety of polymer typesPossibility of making different yarn types, e.g., POY, FOY; multifilament, Monofilament Capable to produce Mono, Bi and Tri-component filaments (at least bi components) Temperature range up to 450°C Throughput 0.1— 6.0 kg/hr (speed around 1000 m/min)

Oter Terms

  • Boiler pressure can be set at the lowest acceptable level by:
  • Tuning the boiler pressure to the energy demand. The lower the pressure, the lower the energy losses are. Check the lowest steam pressure at which the connected equipment functions properly.
  • Reducing the margins between maximum and minimum steam pressure at which the boiler reacts (often it switches between half power and full power) This reduces temperature variations. Based on professional experience it is possible to adjust the margins. By doing so, the boiler and the steam circuit last longer and require less maintenance.
  • Making sure that the settings are such that the boiler never switches off. Switching off and restarting the boiler cost extra energy since the boiler requires air rinsing for safety reasons. In cases when boiler is used 24 hours a day, the steam demand is often less during the night. Reduce the pressure in the steam circuit during these periods to the required minimum level. Programmable switches allow automatic switching.

For example, a jet dyeing machine may need steam at 6 kg/cm2 for achieving 3 kg/cm2 pressure in machine. The steam generation may be at 8 kg/cm2 (saturated) considering steam transmission losses. However if boiler operates at 15 kg/cm2, the pressure would need to be reduced through pressure reducing valve to again 6 kg/cm2, at the machine. Thus incurring energy loss corresponding to heat at 15 kg and heat at 8 kg. In case of leaks etc. the loss would be much more in case of 15 kg line compared to 8 kg line.
Reducing steam pressure reduces energy losses.
Every company that has a steam installation.
Cost of changing the settings of a steam pressure is negligible. Purchase of a programmable switch can be considered. Reduced energy losses leads to reduced energy costs.