Multiaxial Weaving Specifications

  • Multiaxial Weaving Specifications – To weave 3D multilayer fabrics
  • Machine width: 500 cm or higher
  • Yarn type: Filament yarn produced from fiber like Carbon, Kcvlar, Glass etc.
  • Fabric weight: 500-3000 gms / m2
  • Fabric thickness: 20 mm or higher
  • Number of layers: upto 20
  • Picking system: Rapier picking
  • Shedding system: Jacquard (individual control)
  • Weft selection: 4
  • Yarn tex: 200-2000 tex
  • Creel capacity: 1000 or higher
  • Power back up for emergency shut down in safe mode
  • Real time data acquisition / analysis system (fixed)
  • All parts / accessories required to make machine operational on site
  • It is very similar to  Terry Towel Weaving Machine



The purpose of this procedure is to assess the wear ability and comfort of a garment.


This procedure applies to all styles.


The Technical Dept. at Head Office is responsible for ensuring that this procedure is carried out. 


  • The Gmt. Tech. Mgr at Head Office issues a gmt. along with a wearer trial form to the participant.
  • The participant wears the garment for a total of fifty hours and fills in the wearer trial form.
  • Head Office then assesses the wearer trial form to establish certain points.  This is then sent to the Factory and a copy is kept in the style file.
  • If there are no problems in these first fifty hours the participant is then issued another wearer trial form and asked to carry the trial on for a further one hundred and fifty hours.
  • Head Office assesses the second wearer trial form to establish if any problems arose. This is then sent to the Factory and a copy is put into the style file. sss


If a problem does arise on Multiaxial Weaving Machine during the wearer trial this is dealt with by Factory or Head Office depending on what problem arose.