Pe Film Blown Machine. Coating Machine Price

Pe Film

Pe Film Blown Line
Production : HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE tubular film
Thickness : 0.01-0.2mm for LDPE, 0.01 – 0.06mm for HDPE
Film width : 32” – 47”
Extrusion output: Max. 80 – 100kgs/hr for LDPE, 60 – 80kgs for HDPE
Screw dia : 55mm L/D : 28/1 with grooved barrel
Material of screw & barrel : SACM645 high carbon content alloy tool steel, honed
polished, and chromed, nitride hardened, with water cooling device on feed hopper 
Barrel cooling : 1/4HP x 2 sets
Main motor : 40HP AC motor + inverter control
Gear box : FC25, one stage speed variation with lubrication system, with coolor
Gear material : SCM21 carbon treat & gear face ground
No die ( from Marigold 100 + 150mm HDPE die to be used on this machine )
Cooling blower : 5HP with dome type air distributor, flexible hoses, with inverter control
Take up unit : Adjustable type, with pneumatic nip roller, with lower working platform
With wooden collapsing frame & gusseting board and bubble stabilizer
Take up roller : 160mm dia. X 1300mm (L)
Take up motor : 1HP AC + inverter control + reducer with coupling
Second take up roller : driven by 0.2kg/M torque motor + reducer with coupling
Winder unit : Single surface contact manual type
Winding roller : 250mm dia. X 1300mm (L)
Winding motor : 0.3kg/M torque motor + reducer with coupling
With banana roller x 1, with winding reel x 2pcs
Control Panel : 1 set, With digital displaying temperature controller, A-meter, push button,
Magnetic contactor, Spring type T/C wire for temperature sensing
Socket type heaters on die & adaptor

Options: Rotary die device 1 set USD5,000.-

6% for bank interest of 365 days usance L/C for total amount: to be additional Others 1. 2KW 1500mm Encore brand corona treater (U.S.A)

1 set USD5,193.- 3KW 1500mm Taiwanese made corona treater

1 set USD3,960.- 2. 1500mm economic back to back winder

1 set USD7,560.- Deluxe type winder with middle film slitting stand 1 set USD11,520.-

More Machinery Price

Description Quantity Price
Automatic Film Coating Machine. Capacity: 6 KG 01 TK.         7,000,00.00
Coating Machine. Capacity: 30 Kg 01 TK.       14,50,000.00
Auger Filler machine. 02 TK.         13,50,000.00 
Fluid Bed Dryer. Capacity: 60 KG 01 TK.       11,50,000.00
Extra product container SS 316 01 TK.            85,000.00
Fluid Bed Dryer. Capacity: 130 KG 01 TK.       15,50,000.00
Extra product container SS 316 01 TK.         1,50,000.00
Double Cone Blender. Capacity: 80 KG 01 Tk.           4,25,000.00
Double Cone Blender. Capacity: 150 KG 01 TK.         6,00,000.00
Double Cone Blender. Capacity: 120 KG 01 TK.         5,50,000.00
Distil water storage tank. Capacity: 500 Liter. 01 TK.         2,50,000.00
Distil water storage tank. Capacity: 400 Liter. 01 TK.         2,50,000.00
Conveyor Belt 12″ with small table at end. 04 TK.         6,00,000.00
Mass mixer. Capacity   50 kg. 01 TK.         4,00,000.00
Multi-mill. 01 TK.         1,25,000.00
Paste making Vessel   Jacketed. Capacity – 75 Liter 01 TK.         3,75,000.00
Paste making Vessel   Jacketed. Capacity – 50 Liter 01 TK.         3,50,000.00
Cap sealing machine (ROPP) 01 TK.            60,000.00
Processing Vat. Working capacity 1000 Ltr. 01 TK.         4,00,000.00
Storage Vessel. Cap: 1000 Ltr. 01 TK.         3,25,000.00
RMG (For RND) Cap: 6 Kg 01 TK.         6,75,000.00
FBD  (For RND) Cap: 7 Kg 01 TK.         5,50,000.00

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