What is Carding Cloth Machinery & High Production Card?

Man Made Fiber Spinning Line (Pilot-Scale) NU Room Line with Single Carding Cloth machinery. ONE (I) Tuft Opening Line and ONE (I) High Production card for Man-made and high performance Fibres with standard accessories and essential pans

Condenser Frame and Stand, Cage, waste and dust collection systemFilter unit for dust cageDelivery funnel size should be as per catalogue recommendation
Trunk Feeder Widthwise similar with previous machinesConnect with central control system
Material Transport Fan To transport the material to next machine fan should have lesser noise levelDiameters and capacity should be necessarily according to the requirement to run a single Card
Air separator /Dissipation To dissipate the air

High Production Card

  • Maximum 120 kg/h sliver production
  • Chute Feed Mechanism
  • Exhaust air must be upward
  • Cylinder speed minimum 400 RPM, adjustable with a frequency converter
  • System to create negative pressure and waste collection box
  • Card clothing can process 0.7-7 denier fibers
  • Area of Cylinder would be in the range 5.2-5.7 m2
  • Working width of machine in the range 1280-1500mm
  • Grinding/re-sharpening system must be integrated for cylinder and doffer
  • Manual grinding stones for doffer, cylinder etc must be included.
  • Manual cleaning brush for clothing and topset must be included.
  • Top set should be Clipping free.
  • Blends of different man-made fibers must be process without good fibers loss
  • Output sliver weight in the range 4 to 9 Ktex
  • Can Diameter 24 “x 48 “.
  • Coiler and Can changer will be on the floor.
  • All the manufacturing must be certified with ISO 9001 Standard
  • Installed power should be minimum less then 25KW sss


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