Lubricant Best Sewing Machine

  • Ablaze Area : 100 F up
  • Sputnik : 290º Centigrade
  • Figure: Liquid
  • Smell: Near of Without Smell
  • Thikness: 10º Celsius  sss

Name of the Sewing Machine

  1. Plain Machine
  2. Over Lock Machine
  3. Flat Lock Machine
  4. Bar Tack machine
  5. Feed of the Arm Machine
  6. Kansai Machine
  7. Button Hole Machine
  8. Button Stitch Machine
  9. Snap Button Machine
  10. Two Needle Machine
  11. Rip Cutting Machine
  12. Button Test Machine (Pull)
  13. Hand Cutting Machine

Side Affect:

  • If breathing may happened headache and minor uneasy.
  • It eating may feel vomiting
  • It may burn if it is touch by skin
  • It may burn eyes if it falls on eyes.
  • Few Toxins

First Aid

  • If it is fall on eyes then wash minimum 15 minutes and take help from doctor.
  • If machine oil absorbed on any fabric in any place then quickly that fabric should open.
  • If it is problems by breathing then remove to fresh air place and take help from doctor.
  • If the patient is senseless as soon as should go to the doctor, and if the breathing is out of order then mouth method should be applied.
  • If the machine oil absorbed on skin then wash it properly by the soap and water.
  • If any body drink he should wash his face and anybody feel sick then need to transfer to the hospital.

Preventive Action:

Best Sewing Machine should handle safely. During delivery must be use goggles, hand gloves, gumboot and chemical uniform. Ventilation should available. After using hand will be wash. Empty drum (which is use machine oil) if will use another reuse it will be wash properly.

Fire protection :

If any fire, will use CO2, Dry chemical power. This type of fire should use foam type fire extinguisher. Some times water spray also effective.