What is Terry Towel Weaving Machine? Fabric Dyeing Process

  • Terry Towel laving width: 500 mm
  • Suitable Yarn: Cotton Spun
  • Shedding type: Electronic Jacquard with minimum 1400 Hooks
  • Harness mode: one hook /one thread
  • Weft Insertion: Rigid Rapier
  • Weft cutter: Mechanical or Pneumatic
  • Number of Colors: minimum 08
  • Take-up: Electronic – Independent Stepper Motor Drive
  • Let-off: Electronic – Independent Stepper Motor Drive
  • Warp and Weft Stop Motion: Automatic
  • Controller/Software: PLC based dedicated with pattern editor and diagnostic option , Separate Drawing-In Station: Automatic with 8 Colors and 20 Heald frames
  • Spare Parts: 01 Set
  • Additional Beam: 02 Read more about  Multiaxial Weaving Machine

Fabric Dyeing

In a textile manufacturing company, cooling water is used in many places such as: Engine and burner cooling; Fabric cooling with cooling drums filled with water; Cooling dye baths; and Cooling of the air between different drying stages in a pressure dryer.

The spent cooling water can be circulated back to the process water storage tank or it can be transported to a separate storage tank for warm process water. The only disadvantage can be the increased risk of contaminants in the process water. However, a monitoring system can be installed to detect this (measuring, e.g., pH, conductivity, turbidity) and filters can be installed to purify the water.
Recycling of cooling water can reduce total water consumption by about 50% and energy consumption by about 20%.
The applicability is company specific and depends, among other factors, on the demand and supply of water in the company.
The investment costs depend on the specific company situation and recycling possibilities. The recycling of cooling water can lead to water savings of up to 50%.