Checklist for Machine Guards

Machine Guards * Questions 1 – 4, 6, 7 and 9: A “No” answer calls for an entry under “Action required”.
* Questions 5 and 8: A “Yes” answer calls for an entry under “Action required”.

  • Do workers know how to switch off the machine in case of emergency?
  • Are ON/OFF and cut-off emergency switches clearly marked?
  • Are all workers trained to use the machines safely prior to operation?
  • Are robust, fixed guards attached to dangerous moving parts of machines?
  • Are these machine guards and other protective devices regularly checked and maintained by a qualified person?
  • Have any of the machine guards been removed or are any missing?
  • Is the area around the machine clean, tidy and free from obstruction?
  • Are supervisors informed if machines are not working properly?
  • Do any workers have dangling chains, loose clothing, gloves, rings or long hair which could get caught in moving parts of machines?
  • Are workers wearing appropriate PPE when working with such machines?

Safety instruction for fusing machine operator

  • Do not touch inside of machine and heater plate due to high temperature.
  • Be cautious of others while operating machine.
  • Do not operate near combustibles.
  • Do not place objects on machinery.
  • Press emergency stop button if required to stop urgently.
  • Shut off and lock main power source when not in use.

Some Machine Name and Brand

Name of Machine Brand Name Model No.
Plain Machine Juki, Sunstar DDL-553N/DDL-5550, DDL-8300/DDL-8300N, KM-250A-KM-250AL,
Plain Machine (Computer) Sunstar KM-250AL-7S
Over lock Machine Juki, Pegasus MO-2304/MO-2354/MO-235AN


Flat Lock Machine Juki, Siruba C007JW122/356/CS


Button Stitch
Button Hole
Threat Reconig King Land CF20S
Two Needle Brother LT2-B845-3
Rib Cutting Nyto NY801A
Cutting Machine KM KS-AU-V-10
Vacuum Iron Table Coolset CST-ST
Boiler Steam Iron Silver Star DS-6PC/BS-6W
Fusing Machine Hahima HP450C
Heat Seal (Auto) Hahima HP10A
Air Compraser Puma Zola PREDOSA
Boiler Dream Royal Boiler Korea
Genarator Daewoo PIL