All types of washing machines are described in this category

High Temperature lvdt Measurements. Liquor ratio in textile dyeing

High Temperature lvdt Measurements

High Temperature lvdt High Temperature lvdt For measurement of displacement of thermosetting polymers when subjected to temperature and pressure Materials form. Liquid or Solid Electromechanical type Precision: 0.001 mm Measurement range: 1 micron to 1 cm or higher Sample size: 1 – 10 gram (if liquid) Compliance How much time …

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Hand Wash and Washing Effects Specifications and Description

Washing Effects Specifications

Washing Effects Specifications Some recipes are given below for achieving different types of washing effect: Washing And Drying Procedure , Number Of Complete Washing & Drying Cycle , If Fabric Hand Ironed, Size Of Specimen & Bench Mark,Dimensional Change In  Nearest 0.1% ..                             process methods   instruction dry process …

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Chemical Purchase Procedure and Routine

case study of chemical management system software. If we develop a software of chemical than we flow some steps

Chemical Purchase Procedure To restrict Chemical Purchase Procedure of banned dyes/chemical items, the following procedures will be followed: Implementation Routine: What to do:How to do:When to do:List out the restricted substances/dyes/chemicals.Follow the buyer code of conduct, chemical restriction guidelines (et. RSL & MRSL).Just after getting the chemical restrictions/guidelines.Aware/inform the respective …

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What is Chemical Purchasing Policy & Responsibilities

Calculation of Chemicals for Padding

Chemical Purchasing Policy Related with synthetic acquiring, our approach is guaranteeing legitimate, security and administrative necessities to keep the buy of dangerous synthetic compounds and to buy just proper measure of synthetics. In this association, we procured an accomplished and gifted on synthetic, Executive, Supply Chain who is additionally very …

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