Chemical Purchasing Policy

Related with synthetic acquiring, our approach is guaranteeing legitimate, security and administrative necessities to keep the buy of dangerous synthetic compounds and to buy just proper measure of synthetics. In this association, we procured an accomplished and gifted on synthetic, Executive, Supply Chain who is additionally very much prepared and in charge of acquiring purchaser selected concoction. Clothing Inventory Management Software ERP for Sale

It is the motto of Chemical Purchasing Policy of Textile  Textiles Ltd. to procure & control the handle & use of safe dyes & chemicals in an environmentally & eceonomically sustainable way. Under this policy, any chemical/dyes banned by respective buyers or local authority can neither be purchased or used. Restricted substances list/guidlines provided by respective buyers should be followed to ensure safe chemical procurement. All possible impacts should be assessed & considered before confirming any dyes/chemical procurement. Environmental health & safety of direct user group should be the first priority of this policy. Dyes & Chemical Purchasing Policy management team must always look for newer innovations in chemical application through continuous Alternative Chemical Assessment.

Official, Supply Chain, is completely at risk for distinguishing potential concoction providers for every compound substance. These providers are surveyed consistently to guarantee that they keep up all criteria in concoction the executives approach. We have clear approach and system to assess and to affirm the providers. For the complete implementation of this policy, Textile  Textiles Ltd. will conform to the norms of Bangladesh Environmental Conservation Rules (ECR’97). It will also comply with the REACH & EPA standards as well as various buyers’ code of conduct like H&M, TESCO, and JULES etc.

Implementing the policy, Textile  Textiles Ltd. will do its level best to ensure the procurement of  safer dyes/chemicals to produce quality products which will help to do business in environmentally sustainable manner. All the functions of dyes/chemical purchase policy & procedures will be controlled by certain implementation procedures & routine so that the purchase of banned/restricted dyes/chemical are prohibited.

Mindful official is completely comfortable with compound properties of every single concoction substance obtained who is administered by our Asst. Administrator, Lab. Additionally, he audit and check SDS of all compound obtained.

We keep up all obtained synthetic substances record in compound stock rundown (CIL) including some critical data, for example, Chemical Name/Trade name, provider data, CAS number of synthetic substances, Consumption, Hazardous data, Storing data, stockpiling area and so on.

We should impart and share all refreshed data in regards to purchaser substance limitations (both RSL and MRSL) to our synthetic providers.

Roles & Responsibilities of Chemical Procurement Body:

  • Managing Director:
  • Giving order not to procure banned or unsafe dyes/ Chemical Purchasing Policy.
  • Giving proper direction to subordinates for safe dyes/chemical procurement.
  • Giving right directions not to procure restricted dyes/chemicals.
  • Giving orders to provide appropriate awareness/training among concerned people.
  • Monitoring & control overall procurement operations & take corrective measures.
  • Carry out directions & orders from General manager.
  • List out restricted substances.
  • Conduct Alternative Chemical Assessment.
  • Implement & follow up buyer required chemical restriction & guidelines.
  • Commercial Department:
  • Procure dyes/chemical as per requirements.
  • Know the banned or restricted dyes/chemicals so that those can be avoided.
  • Communicate with proper supply chain to manage good procurement.
  • Store Department:
  • Store right chemicals in the factory.
  • Communicate with factory in charge if any deviation found.
  • Restrict the storage of any banned or unsafe dyes/chemicals.
  • Compliance Department:
  • Aware concerned people about banned/restricted dyes/chemicals/substances.
  • Coordinate with other people/department so that restricted dyes/chemicals are not procured or used in the production processes.
  • Environmental Responsible:
  • Help other to know about the nature of restricted dyes/chemical.
  • Aware concerned people about the danger of using banned/restricted dyes/ Chemical Purchasing Policy /substances.
  • Coordinate with other people/department so that restricted dyes/chemicals are not procured or used in the production processes.