How to keep black jeans from fading

Features -How to Keep Black Jeans from Fading Machine Specs  400 litres -700 litres
Load Capacity Up to 20 kg
Diameter 700mm — 1200mm
Depth 500mm-800mm
Rotation Speed (variable) 0-400 rpm
Should be equipped with Nanobubble generator.

Shade Band

  • We need at least 50 pcs garments including all shades.
  • We complete these garments as per standard recipe for this first 50 pcs
  • After completing shade band, we submit it to buyer QA, who is responsible for shade band approval. Read more about  Terry Towel Weaving Machine

First Bulk

  • Just after getting the shade band approval, we go for first batch approval and always maintain 1st batch procedure.
  • The same team, who reviewed the blankets, selects the garments from all lot.
  • We take 32 pcs in each with identification marks.
  • Then we pull out 12pcs of each shade.
  • Then out of this, pull out 6pcs in each shade and wash as 1st trial. At first we follow the buyer recipe. If need we make some adjustments. Otherwise our wash technician follows the same recipe as they used for blanket and shade band.
  • Then this 18pcs garments review by dyeing in-charge, washing in-charge and quality in-charge of the laundry under CWF light sources in the color matching room. If 1st trial is OK, the well. If not, then we go for 2nd trial. So that we can go closer to main standard.
  • We must keep standard each section signed by dyeing in-charges and each section QC table signed by QA manager.
  • After completing the dyeing we test the garments as per buyer requirements.
  • Then we submit for approval which is closer with standard. After getting the approval we go for bulk production.

Quality procedure

  • If not meet the standards then make NCMPR for decision and inform the garments factory.
  • After Wash we check the garments
  • Before starting the sampling/bulk we need the measurement sheets for all size of the garments for random checking.
  • Grey mélange dyeing using by disperse dye on CVC (60% Cotton +40% Polyester). This mélange effect done by dyeing of Polyester part (Disperse dyeing). Most of the cases not possible by cotton part dyeing (Reactive dyeing)
  • Cotton part dyeing (Reactive dyeing) mélange effect is highly encouraged.


  • Irregular work that why we don’t stock any disperse dyes to avoid any bad stock.
  • After getting order we request to supplier for loan. Supplier collect dyestuff from different factory and give us loan. So dyestuff lot different occurred.
  • If we procure from manufacture it takes long lead time. otherwise we have to do air shipment by make extra cost USD 5.0/kg(additional charge)
  • Cost of disperse dyes is high. Let say 35-45 USD/kg. So process cost is higher.
  • By our previous experience this type of shade makes some running shade in the fabric.
  • Different yarn lots produce different shade.
  • Though this yarn price is less but process cost is high and rejection occurred. So total fabric cost becomes higher.
  • Pilling result becomes poor, like 2-3.
  • Benefits of Mélanges made by Cotton + Viscose/Huafu/Bross
  • No Pilling issue.
  • Colour fastness should not be an issue.
  • Though yarn price is high but due to less process cost and less rejection, fabric price will be cheaper(Matter of debate)


How to Keep Black Jeans from Fading Machine – by considering above limitation is highly encouraged to take grey mélange yarn by cotton part dyeing or by reactive dyeing or dyed mélange.