Production Scheduling Software

Production Planning and Production Scheduling Software can uniquely defined  as  production planning software, production scheduling software. We sale all types of planning software. T&A, Planning Board,  For any queries, please Contact Us. This software named Production Planning and Production Scheduling Software portion for any type of apparel / any other manufacturing business. This software can maintain raw material and other accessories. This software keep track of supply chain management. So you can monitor the tracking system of your production. Accurate Data forecasting in the dynamic dashboard will keep right track of every process stages of production and to take necessary actions or decision for balancing the entire production operations in a system.

Features of Production Planning and Production Scheduling Software

Now we will discuss about Production Planning and Production Scheduling Software below-

  • Material Resource Planning
  • Visual Plan Board
  • Production Planning
  • Production Inventory Control
  • Production Configuration
  • Materials & Product
  • Batch & Job Production
  • Integration with other solutions
  • Multiple Production Unit
  • Wastage Monitor & Control

Factory Capacity Plan Entry

Critical path wise automatic even target date predefine after receiving PO sheet. It’s required to plan for every crucial steps of operation on the basis of shipment date. By Time Action Plan merchandiser can forecast their operational dead line for every individual order process. Management gets clear view of every individual order working progress status & auto notification for any inconsistencies are exists. Below data is entered for capacity plan –

  • Month: November
  • Year : 2020
  • Working Days: 29
  • Working Hours: 10
  • Total Men: 7000
  • Total Line: 45
  • Efficiency :High / 2%

Basic Order Information Entry

Production planning department will enter basic order and style information from PO sheet. For ERP system data will inherited from Garments Merchandising Software Module. For Single Planning management Module we need to enter below basic information-

  • Order Number: Ord5678
  • Style Name: 2Pk Jordan
  • Buyer Name: s.Oliver
  • Order Quantity : 10000
  • Color : Red
  • Size: XL (Select from)
  • Season : Rain
  • Shipment date: 09/09/18

Order Projection Entry

This is important module of  production planning software. Order Projection means order estimation for future in factory. Merchandiser enter order projection from planning module. IE manager should know about some data of garments style and order.

  • Order Number:
  • Year:
  • Month :
  • Monthly Order Qty,
  • Monthly Total CM,
  • Planning Total Capacity,
  • Projected Total Capacity,
  • Monthly Buyer Capacity

Production Sewing Entry Form

  • Production Cutting Date (PCD): 20/02/18
  • Sewing Input Date: 23/12/19
  • Sewing Output Date: 19/12/19

Plan Board Functions

Split: We can split the plan board according to customer requirement. It is possible to split a style

  • Shipment date wise,
  • Shipment country wise,
  • Shipment lot wise,
  • Shipment size wise,
  • Shipment color wise,
  • Shipment production wise
  • Shipment customize wise

E.g. Buyer H&M, Style- Ar8876. Here we have total 5000 pics quantity including wastage and actual = 49000 pics quantity. Now we are going to actual plan it in line number 1, line number 2 and line number 3. Suppose we are assigning in line number 1= 20000, line number 2= 20000 and line number 3= 10000. So 20000+20000+10000 = 50000. It is possible in plan board

Features of Plan Board

Generate Planning Report : Production scheduling software showing actual value in excel report. The software generate a excel sheet that generate all type of schedule information e.g. Floor Number

  • BUYER Name
  • Line Number
  • O/QTY
  • O/Qty +%
  • Line Allo.
  • Qty
  • Style Change Month of March
  • print/emb
  • EX-Factory
  • Fabric Inhouse Date
  • PCD
  • Date
  • Remarks

Learning Time Generator: production scheduling software generate learning time accurately

Flexible Working Hours: This software has flexible working garments production hour. The user can change working hour because shipment date may be change or factory manager may decide a style need to finish quickly.

Upload Style: The user can upload style in different company uniquely. E.g. If a user upload Buyer H&M, Style- Ar8876 in Autogarments Ltd. Company, Then int does not show in Auto Fashion Limited

Style Reallocation: The user can reallocate style always. Suppose line one is allocate with Order A and B, then the user can set Order C between A and B. It looks like A C B

Style Period Reallocation: It is possible to reallocate the duration of production through this software. Suppose a plan board is generated according to buyer data for 10 days from 1st October to 10th October. So plan board will occupied 10 days in one line. The workers of XYZ garments are very expert, so they can do it in 8 days. In this situation the user can minimize 10 days to 8 days by using this software.

Empty Uploaded Style: If a user uploads a style from software into plan board then the software won’t show this style again. As a result, the users do not confuse

TNA Facility: The plan board received data from TNA also

Highlighted Reports

  • Production Monitoring
  • Production Plan Report
  • Production output Report
  • Resource Allocation Analysis
  • Material Consumption Status
  • Production & Materials Stock
  • Order & Shipment Tracking
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Overall Variance Report
  • Wastage Return Report
  • Order Projection

List of Important Software

Planning Reports

Some Planning Reports are given below

Production Cutting Date (PCD) Report

Start Date
1Tesco56565345419952 pcs7-Jan-18
1Celio5656723444195 pcs12-Feb-18
2H&M23232678812697 pcs28-Jan-18
4Tesco3489998872921 pcs11-Feb-18

Sewing Input Output Report

StyleBuyerColorPCDSewing InputSewing OutputEx Factory