ERP Sales for Textile and Garments Composite Factory

ERP Sales for Textile

Garments ERP sales for all apparel industry worldwide. This software has a lot of benefits for textile and clothing industries. Please contact


Price of this software is around BDT 2,00,000 to 50,00,000 Taka. You can chose lower. We also sales module wise. In this case pricing value will less than complete ERP. You can chose different features and price for ERP from below list. This ERP Sales in 15 company are using this software

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Module Wise ERP Sales

General Features

  • All user interacts with a Corporate Office software database system
  • Plays an necessary role in easily monitoring of industry.
  • Takes less time than manual data entry process.
  • Easily accessible from web using the internet.
  • Roll the possibility of unauthorized data manipulation
  • Customized Report
  • General Modules for Garments ERP

HR and Payroll Modules Features and Reports

ERP Sales / Price of this modules BDT 4,00,000 Taka

  • Advance Loan
  • Advance salary sheet
  • Attendance Bonus
  • Attendance Register,
  • Company Information
  • Daily present Report
  • Absent report,
  • Designation Bonus
  • Employee Information
  • Entry System
  • EOT Register,
  • Festival Bonus summary,
  • In & out report,
  • OT report,
  • Increment
  • Increment Report,
  • Job Card,
  • Monthly Salary Sheet,
  • Leave report,
  • late report,
  • Leave, Fixed Bonus
  • Maternity Benefit Report,
  • OT Register,
  • Pay Slip,
  • Promotion Report,
  • Salary
  • Salary Grade
  • Salary Summary Report,
  • Shift Schedules
  • Weekly Allowance

Inventory Modules and Reports

ERP Sales/ Price of this modules BDT 4,00,000 Taka

  • Company Information/Supplier /Vendor Information/
  • Product Category
  • Product Unit
  • Product Entry
  • Product Reorder
  • Product wise List
  • Goods wise list
  • Stock Goods Shop
  • Stock Goods Corporate Office
  • Corporate Office under Stock
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase wise Order
  • Purchase wise Invoice
  • Purchase In
  • Stock In
  • Sales wise Goods
  • Manually Barcode
  • Barcode Reader Sales Management and Tracking
  • Print Sales Invoice
  • Under Stock
  • Branch Requisition
  • Create Requisition to Corporate Office
  • Change Product
  • Return to Corporate Office
  • Branch return View
  • Sales Statement
  • Expense
  • Expense Head
  • Expense Entry
  • Purchase Payment
  • Purchase Due Payment
  • All Purchase View
  • Challan to Branch
  • Challan View branch wise
  • Branch Return Receive
  • Corporate Office to party return
  • Corporate Office to party return view
  • Purchase statement
  • Sales Details
  • Branch wise
  • Export wise Ledger
  • Branch Wise Stock Summary
  • Product Wise Stock Summary
  • Style wise Search
  • Reject wise Goods
  • Return wise Goods
  • Receive wise Goods
  • Stock wise Report
  • Stock wise Ledger
  • Label Indicator
  • Category Wise Stock Summary
  • Supplier Wise Stock Summary
  • Bank Transaction
  • Cash Transaction
  • Transaction Report
  • Current wise Asset
  • Company wise Cash
  • Individual Bank
  • Bank all Transaction

Inventory Report

  • Corporate Office Stock Report
  • Operation Report
  • Branch Sales Details Report
  • Sales Report Report
  • Purchase Statement Report
  • Branch Stock Report
  • Branch Sales Details Report
  • Shop Sales Report
  • Shop Return View Report
  • Rating of Goods
  • Most Product Report
  • Branch Wise Invoice Challan
  • Sales Discount
  • Sales through Cash
  • Sales through Card
  • Sales Summary Report
  • Date Wise Sales Details Report
  • Sales Product Return Report
  • Sales Change Report
  • Purchase Summary Report
  • Date Wise Purchase Report
  • Supplier Payment Report
  • Suppliers date wise purchase Report
  • Supplier or Company info details Report
  • Inventory Order,
  • Reorder level Etc.
  • Export Ledger Report
  • Rating of Goods
  • Purchase View Report
  • Challan View Report
  • Party Return View Report


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