Sub Contract Subcontractor Management Software

We have Sub Contract Subcontractor Management Software for rmg factories. We sale it in cheap price in Bangladesh. The software quality of this software is high. Many garments factory are using this software. We also sale and many other rmg software. Please contact us by submitting a comment below on Leave a Reply box or  For any queries, please Contact Us.

Marketing – Sub Contractor

  • Sub Contract Order Entry

Inventory – Sub Contract Management Software

  • Sub Contract Material Issue
  • Sub Contract Material Receive
  • Sub Contract Material Return

Production Modules of sub contract software

  • Sub Contract Batch Creation
  • Dyeing Production
  • Knitting Production
  • Printing Production
  • Cutting Entry
  • Fabric Finishing Entry
  • Embellishment Entry
  • Iron Entry
  • Packing And Finishing Entry
  • Sewing Output
  • Dyeing and Fin Delivery Entry


  • Sub Contract Knitting Delivery
  • Sub Contract Dye & Finishing Delivery
  • Sub Contract Garments Delivery

In Bound Billing

  • Knitting Bill Issue
  • Fabric Printing Bill Issue
  • Cutting Bill Issue
  • Dyeing And Finishing Bill Issue
  • Embellishment Bill Issue
  • Sewing Bill Issue
  • Packing and Finishing Bill Issue
  • Iron Bill Issue
  • Payment Receive

Out Bound Billing

  • Knitting Bill Entry
  • Cutting Bill Entry
  • Dyeing And Finishing Bill Entry
  • Embellishment Bill Entry
  • Iron Bill Entry
  • Sewing Bill Entry
  • Packing And Finishing Bill Entry

Report of Sub Contract Subcontractor Management Software

  • Challan Print
  • Sub Contract Order Wise Production Report
  • Sub Contract Production
  • Sub Contract Work Progress Report
  • Sub Contract Party Statement
  • Sub Contract Party Wise Batch Balance
  • Sub Contract Batch Report
  • Sub Contract Party Wise Grey Stock