Product Identification And Traceability
Product Identification And Traceability

Product Identification And Traceability

Product Identification

Product Identification PURPOSE

Product Identification and Traceability -The purpose of this procedure is to ensure all garments can be identified at any stage in the manufacturing process and that materials can be traced back for control purposes. We sale RFID Production Tracking Software Garments aaa


This procedure applies to all styles for Product Identification and Traceability


All relevant personnel involved in the manufacturing process from goods inwards to final despatch are responsible for ensuring this procedure is adhered to.


  • Tickets are then printed with bar codes corresponding with operations on each style.
  • Bundles are then issued onto each production unit in accordance to a weekly production plan issued by the Planning Manager.
  • Machine operators take the corresponding bar-code sticker applicable to their completed operation. They then place this bar-code sticker onto their daily wage sheet, which is collected and authorized by the unit Production Supervisor at the end of each day.
  • The information of each bundle is now readily available by size, colour, style and which operation the bundle can be located at.
  • The information of each bundle is kept on the LCC system for an average of one week.
  • At any time during this week the wages dept. can trace each ticket by logging onto the LCC system using a password and entering the order number and bundle number this then lists all operations on the ticket and whether the operations have been sewn and who has sewn them.
  • When all machining work is completed the bundle is then passed on to be packed,
  • Labels & Trims are issued to production to the job card qty each time.
  • Each style is identifiable by a stroke number/quality number given by the customer/supplier.
  • Information is received daily regarding cutwork, in “job card” form, which is collated and issued to the relevant personnel.
  • Cutwork is then stored in the cut bank area.


Product Identification and Traceability  -Cutwork lay sheets are then entered onto the LCC system.

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