Garments Merchandising Management System ERP
Garments Merchandising Management System ERP for Sale

Garments Merchandising Management System Software for Sale

Garments Merchandising Software

We sale merchandising software, garments merchandising Management System ERP Software in Bangladesh with low price. We develop and customized according to your requirement. Please contact us by submitting a comment below on Leave a Reply box, Cell# +880 1792525354

Feature Summery 

  • Report of Price Quotation Statement
  • Report of SMV VS Price Analysis
  • Report of Order Future Prediction
  • Order Booking & Size wise Breakdown
  • Time & Action Calendar Setup
  • Marketing Team Info
  • Size Entry Management
  • Trims Costing Template
  • Product Sub Department
  • Order Development
  • Sample Info and Sample Approval Process
  • Capacity Allocation
  • TNA Task Entry Management
  • Capacity Calculation
  • Report of Daily ExFactory
  • Report of Order Closing Status
  • Report of Country Wise Shipment Pending
  • Report of Style Closing
  • Report of Style Wise Shipment
  • Bill of Material & Pre Costing
  • Supplier Work Order and Report
  • Monthly Projection/T&A Time and Action Report
  • Raw Material Order Details Report
  • Order Details Report With Commercial
  • Financial Parameter Setup
  • Garments Sample Entry
  • TNA Task Percent Management
  • Costing & Budget – Initial & Buyer Costing
  • Yarn Count Determination
  • Composition Entry
  • Report of CPA/Short Fabric Booking Analysis
  • Report of Buyer Inquiry Status
  • Report of Cost Breakdown
  • Report of Shipment Pending
  • Report of Process Loss
  • Report of Order Update History
  • Labdip Approval Report
  • Order Wise Sample Approval
  • Color and Size Breakdown Report
  • Work Order [Booking] Report
  • Accessories Follow up Report V2
  • Embellishment Approval Report
  • Sample Development Status Report
  • Report of Work progress
  • Report of Capacity and Order Booking Status
  • Report of Date Wise Shipment Status

Setting Management

  • Buyer Profile – Contact Details
  • Supplier Profile- Contact Details
  • Other Party Profile- Contact Details
  • Yarn Count – Item Details
  • Item Group – Item Details
  • Buyer and Supplier Setup
  • Geo Management
  • Sample Type Setup
  • LC -Letter of Credit Nature Type Setup
  • Color Entry setup
  • Size Entry setup
  • Country Entry setup
  • Group -Profile
  • Section -Profile
  • Company -Profile
  • Division- Profile
  • Department -Profile
  • Location- Profile
  • Profit Center
  • Port Entry
  • Unit Of Measurement UOM Setup
  • Season Setup
  • Garment Category and Subcategory Setup
  • Product Setup
  • Business Unit Setup
  • Item Account Creation – Item Details

Merchandising Order Information Entry

The user can enter below information from PO – Purchase order. After Data entry in Sample Management Software a merchandiser will start data entry in merchandising module. Sample development planning & factory wise distribution panel. Sample designer make various samples according to technical sheet specification. There may have several types of samples that required several revise/modification before finalize an order. The below data will come / inherited from Sample module in ERP system. For individual module you need to enter this data.

  • Purchase Order NO: PO45454
  • Buyer Name: Tesco
  • Style Number: Dtfdfdf66565
  • Color : Red
  • Size: XL (Select from)
  • Merchandiser Name: Ripon
  • Season : Rain
  • Entry Date : 14/10/18
  • Embroidery : Required
  • Print: Not Required
  • Unit of Measurement: Meter

Order Development Entry

In this step product price, qty, delivery terms & condition, as well payments procedures etc are finalized and Buying House goes for bulk production.

  • Garments Category : Select from option like, Woven Tops, Knit Tops, Knit Bottom etc
  • Garments Sub Category : Select from option like Shirt, Pant, Blose, Skirt etc
  • Quantity: 31553 pcs, plus quantity = 5% .
  • Delivery: 23/02/19
  • Forecasted Order Quantity: 54587 pcs
  • Shipment date: 09/09/18
  • Order Status: Confirmed
  • Order Cancel or Accept Reason: Due to Failed of shrinkage

Technical Sheet Entry

Receive technical specification of garments design, image, color, yarn specification

  • Order Image: Inserted
  • Order description : Short Slive
  • Fabrics Width : 61”
  • Techpech Upload: Available
  • Technical file Receive Date: 10/02/19
  • Fabric/Yarn Details,: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
  • Garments Description: 100% Cotton

Bill of Materials (BOM) Data Entry

Bill of material is itself a different module named as BOM Management Software . A merchandiser can make BOM in this module. Please click the above link for BOM data entry

Merchandising -Production

  • Sewing Line
  • Sewing Operation
  • Production Floor
  • Machine Entry

Merchandising – Subcontract

  • Knitting Charge Entry
  • Variable Settings
  • Merchandising Entry
  • Planning Management
  • Commercial
  • Subcontract
  • Merchandising software Report Setting
  • Inventory Entry
  • Mail Recipient Group
  • Order test
  • Accounting
  • Dyeing and Finishing Charge
  • TNA Entry
  • Production
  • Report Signature
  • Bank Info
  • Store Location
  • Email Address Setup
  • Currency Conversion Rate

Merchandising -Order Tracking

  • Sample Development
  • Order Entry merchandising software
  • Budget
  • Color and Size Breakdown
  • Order Update Entry
  • Copy Job

Merchandising -Fabric Booking

  • Main Fabric Booking
  • Sample Fabric Booking With order
  • Short Fabric Booking
  • Sample Fabric Booking Without order

Merchandising -Trims Booking

  • Country and Order Wise Trims Booking
  • Short Trims Booking
  • Sample Trims Booking Without Order
  • Sample Trims Booking With Order
  • Job Wise Trims Booking

Merchandising -Approval Tracking

  • Sample Approval
  • Trims Approval
  • Lab Dip Approval
  • Embellishment Approval

Merchandising software -Service Booking

  • Fabric Service Booking
  • Yarn Dyeing Work Order
  • Yarn Dyeing Work Order Without Order
  • Embellishment Work Order
  • Service Booking V2


PO Entry Report

Order BuyerColour SizeQtyPrintWashEmbEntry Status

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