Garments Merchandising Job

Garments Merchandising Job Description- To drive a key operational position of any renown company in Garments Merchandising / Textile /Accessories /Zipper/ Consumer products segment through exercising experience, skill & leadership with excellent growth commitment. We sale Garments Merchandising Management System ERP for Sale

Garments Merchandising Job List

  • Manager Marketing till to date with full responsibility to
  • sales and marketing department to lead a 14 members team.
  • Execute sales, tracking company’s policies concern with marketing, product development, distribution, cost of products. Gathered deep technical knowledge on production of zipper and other accessories and up-dated with the product compliance as per buyers’ requirements.
  • In addition, controlled material management including maintaining current procurement and ensuring the production line by the sound arrangement of continuous delivery of foreign raw materials and critical technical supports.
  • Commercial operation including customs, bank, port, BGMEA and other peripheral operation are directly executed under my control.
  • Report directly to Managing Director.
  • like preparing sales budget, promotional budget, product monitoring, developing product strategies, evaluation & report writing,
  • liaison with Government Agencies covering industrial ministry & it’s peripheral departments -Trademarks, copy right, Patent & Design registration offices for protecting brand image & defending all legal matters related to core consumer products,
  • Preparing training manuals & kits for arranging refreshment programmes for sales forces.
  • Taken extra responsibility to open & develop export market channels liaison with EXPORT PROMOTION BUREAU for ensuring corporate participation in the Trade Fair each year with entire responsibilities.
  • later, enjoyed experience in outdoor marketing activities as Senior Executive setting up distribution channels in some parts of Dhaka city, Narayangonj & it’s peripheral areas and lead successfully a team with 14 members constitutes three Sales Supervisors & remaining were Sales Representatives.

Process Flow Chart of Merchandising

Receive PO from Buyer (PO = Purchase Order)

Garments Sample Development

Price Negotiation with buyer

Confirm order and order sheet receive

Material collection and receive it in factory

Making a check list

Making Swatch card and approval

PP meeting (PP = Pre production)

Collect daily production and daily quality report

Arrange an inspection

Make shipment

Production Safety Officer

  • Ensure Metal detection procedure as per requirement of  Inditex.
  • Foreign object control.
  • Ensure children product safety.
  • Ensure Quality parameter for producing good quality product as per requirement
  • Ensure sharp tools control.
  • Provide sufficient training to concern people to aware regarding STW.
  • Proper monitoring to ensure safety of the goods.
  • Responsible for any kind of major violations in the products safety.
  • For overall quality performance and standard of the company with regard
  • to product quality.
  • Should be answerable for any kind of claims or complaints coming from buyers/customers regarding quality.
  • Responsible for interpreting customer’s quality requirements to all layers of

Discussion & Decision

The Monthly general meeting of ADH (All Departmental Head) was held on  with all departmental Head of Auto Design Ltd. MD sir presided over the meeting.

As per discussion with sir Management has taken decision that monthly two meeting will be arranged of All Department Head. 1st meeting will be arranged 1st week & 2nd meeting will be arranged last week each of the month.
The Honorable sir has given Instructed that we will work with team work/ co-operation each other. It is the most important to develop our organization. We will maintain proper communication each other also.
The Honorable sir has given Instructed that we will work with Responsible. We will maintain our responsible properly rising the factory improvement.
Each of the management representative maintain proper monitoring to increase productivity.
The Honorable sir has given Instructed that we will must ensure at least weekly one shipment. If we can not possible this commitment then we will face various problem.


Garments Merchandising Job Description rendered my service as Manager (Sales & Marketing) with prime responsibility for marketing imported fabrics, Dyes & Chemicals for PVC, Wood, Paper & Synthetic base also paint, printing & industrial chemicals. In addition I am responsible to operate overseas business operation, communication with foreign principals, participation in the local & international tenders, banking formalities & Institutional business & maintaining the vendorship with NUSA, USA & BENDALUTZ, Austria.