The Benifits of ERP in Manufacturing Company …….

Benifits of ERP

In this article we describe benefits of erp of all module of garment manufacturing. Please contact us to get all types of Manufacturing

Benefits of Merchandising Module

The below bullet points are described the benefits of erp in Merchandising module. Beside that you can read more in below link

  • Easy to Create BOM Bill of Material
  • Size break down entry
  • Suppler Address Entry Management facility
  • Style, Order, Product Name wise Filter option
  • Can add Purchase Order PO
  • Multiple PO number input facility under one Work Order
  • Conversion from meter/ inch to yard
  • No data missing from spread sheet
  • Multiple delivery date in Time and Action plan under same PO of buyer
  • Available remarks option for merchandiser
  • Fabric details are visible under Raw Material List
  • Upload and download PO sheets in the ERP
  • Upload and download technical sheets /techpac in the ERP
  • Sewing Thread Shade number input facility in to Work order
  • Benefits of revise work order to buyer
  • Buyer wise total entries is found in a dashboard
  • Remarks / Comments facility
  • Shipment date visibility in merchandising module
  • BOM will contain raw material and accessories list
  • In pre costing price will be included under raw material and accessories
  • Supply chain department can create Workorder and costing
  • Pre costing will not be inherited to workorder
  • Purchase order will generate by procurement team
  • Fabric width input facility, customized fabric dia entry
  • Dia and consumption library
  • Fabric diameter should come from CAD section
  • Archive of all change record by merchandiser
  • Reduce process lost
  • Merchandiser can add edit and delete PO before triggering from another module
  • A complete PO can be edited by merchandiser after getting approval from his boss
  • Unlock for next level authority
  • Some basic data should be kept from drop down
  • Validation is available in required text field
  • Size set breakdown can select easily
  • PO sheets is visible to the related departments
  • Customized decimal/ fraction value of work order to supplier
  • No Duplicate Data under drop down button
  • Delete or Edit option at Work order creation
  • Consumption input facility by CAD person
  • Send notification after approval PI to open Back to back L/C
  • Receive B2B L/C notification and dashboard from Commercial module
  • Pack system generate FOB facility
  • Buyer Contact Management Facility
  • Advantage to add delete and edit PO
  • Advantage to add delete and edit Work Order
  • Multiple Garment Deliveries under same PO of buyer
  • Single size and Size Set wise FOB under individual PO
  • Adding size wise FOB facility by merchandiser
  • Select multiple product facility to create work order
  • Benefits of shade Number, Item Code and Article Number
  • Benefits of validation message during switching screen from one page to another page
  • Advantage to create BOM details
  • Advantages of Searching criteria
  • Facility of copy option in style development screen
  • Buyer name, style number, order no found at Purchase Order screen
  • Total quantity needs to display in work order under multiple material name
  • Shade number visibility in the work order
  • Fixed size breakdown of Order Break down facility
  • Facility to export work order in Excel, CSV, PDF format
  • Benefits to remove wrong raw from material costing screen

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