Inventory Management Software ERP

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Summery of Inventory Management

  • Monitor updated Booking status for ETA Fact.
  • Gate Pass & Challan Prepare & Printing
  • Shade Approval & Distribution Management
  • Fabric Inspection Management
  • Physical Inventory with PI-Booking
  • Receive against Booking Management
  • RM Issue against approved requisition Management
  • Re-Booking-PO to store with revaluation to use leftover quantity
  • Receiving-Back RM to-from Supplier
  • Receiving Damaged-Rejected Garments-RM
  • RM Transfer Style-Lot-Store to Style-Lot-Store Management
  • Local Purchase Management
  • Fabric Replacement-Negotiation with Supplier
  • RM receives from floor after production.
  • Leftover declarations after Style-Lot close Management

Purchase Requisition

Quotation Evaluation

Gate Entry – Inventory

  • Gate In Entry
  • Gate Pass Entry
  • Gate Out Entry

Yarn Store – Inventory

  • Yarn Receive
  • Yarn Issue
  • Yarn Issue Return
  • Yarn Receive Return
  • Yarn Order To Order Transfer Entry
  • Yarn Transfer Entry

Grey Fabric Store – Inventory

  • Knit Grey Fabric Roll Receive
  • Roll wise Grey Fabric Order To Sample Transfer
  • Roll wise Grey Fabric Order To Order Transfer Entry

Finish Fabric Store – Inventory

  • Knit Finish Fabric Receive
  • Knit Finish Fabric Receive Return
  • Knit Finish Fabric Issue
  • Knit Finish Fabric Issue Return
  • Woven Finish Fabric Issue
  • Finish Fabric Order To Order Transfer Entry

Dyes And Chemical Store – Inventory

  • Dyes & Chemical Receive
  • Dyes & Chemical Issue Requisition
  • Dyes & Chemical Issue
  • Dyes/ Chemical Receive Return
  • Dyes/ Chemical Issue Return
  • Dyes Chemical Transfer Entry

Trims Store – Inventory

  • Trims Receive Entry
  • Trims Receive Return Entry
  • Trims Issue

General Central Store – Inventory

  • General Central Item Receive
  • General Central Item Issue
  • General Central Item Receive Return
  • General Central Item Issue Return
  • Service Acknowledgement

Report of Garments and Textile Inventory

Yarn Store Report

  • Yarn Item Ledger Report
  • LC Wise Yarn Receive Report
  • Daily Yarn Stock Report
  • Daily Yarn Issue Report
  • Job/Order Wise Dyed Yarn Report
  • PI Wise Yarn Receive Report
  • Party Wise Yarn Reconciliation
  • Job/Order Wise Yarn Issue Report

Grey Fabric Store Report

  • Closing Stock Report
  • Order Wise Grey Fabrics Stock Report
  • Grey Fabric Issue Status Report
  • Grey Fabric Store Stock Report
  • Grey Fabric Item Ledger Report

Trims Store Report

  • Order Wise Trims Receive Issue and Stock
  • Order Wise Trims Issue (FIFO)
  • Trims Item Ledger Report
  • Closing Stock Report
  • Style Wise Trims Received Issue And Stock

General Store Report

  • Closing Stock Report
  • Item Wise Purchase Report
  • Periodical Purchase Report
  • General Item Ledger Report

Dyes And Chemical Store Report

  • Closing Stock Report
  • Dyes Chemical Item Ledger Report
  • Batch wise Dyeing and Finishing Cost Report
  • Batch wise Dyeing and Finishing Cost

Finish Fabric Store Report

  • Closing Stock Report
  • Order and Color Wise Finish Fabric Stock Report
  • Finish Fabric Item Ledger Report
  • Order and Color Wise Finish Fabric Stock Report
  • Daily Gate In And Out Report
  • Date Wise Item Receive and Issue Report
  • Batch wise Dyeing and Finishing Cost Report

Raw Material Inventory Reports

  • Item, Group Wise Raw Summary Report.
  • Lot Wise Inventory Product Received and Issue
  • Details and Summary Report
  • Suppliers Wise Material Received.
  • Item wise Raw Material Received.
  • SR Wise Raw Material Issue.
  • Physical Inventory System Worksheet.
  • MRR Wise Raw Material Received.
  • Suppliers Wise Raw Material Issue.
  • Department Wise Raw Material Issue.
  • Wise Raw Material Received.
  • Invoice Wise Raw Material Received.
  • Date wise Raw Material Received.
  • Set, Batch, Job Wise Standard and Actual Consumption and Variance.
  • Wise Raw Material Issue.
  • Invoice Wise Raw Material Issue.
  • Item wise Raw Material Received and Issue
  • Monthly comparative Raw material consumption
  • Date Wise Raw Material Issue.
  • Set, Batch, Job Wise Raw Material Consumption\
Md. Khondakar Mashiur Rahman, Certified Echotech Garment CAD Professional-China, Aptech-India, NCC-UK and B.Sc. in CIS- London Metropolitan University, M.Sc. in ICT-UITS.