Garment Shade Checking System
What is Garment Shade Checking System

What is Garment Shade Checking System for Quality Production

Garment Shade Checking System

Must have approval sample and approved shade band with hand before start the Garment Shade Checking System process. In house QAM and finishing QA In charge must given sample with signature approvals to finishing to start the shade checking. Read about Clothing Inventory Management Software

  • Report need to maintain regarding defects found during shade checking and share with Quality in charge and Finishing in charge for better planning. Also need to share this with washing plant to improve their quality as well.
  • Washing received quantity and style must be maintain and need to share with finishing manager for further action,
  • As per shipment plan finishing manager will inform to Line Manager to have a correct style and required quantity.
  • Line Manager will be responsible for prepare a report and maintain record in register the style and quantity input
  • Table must be clean before start the any garment pressing and if necessary vacuum must be open.
  • AQAM will be responsible for give all approved pressing standard to production department as per the buyer requirement.
  • AQAM will be responsible to give instruction to finishing QA the way of doing pressing. Also before and after pressing measurement need to confirm as per the buyer requirement. For this all relevant Template must be available in pressing table.
  • As per the buyer requirement and finalized by QAM 100 % check point will be highlight to Finishing Manager for Line setting .Finishing manager will be responsible for implement this 100 % key point checking after the press complete.
  • Report will be generate after 100 % check complete as key point and that report will be useful for any changers is required for during bulk production. Also QA In charge shall follow up status of measurement and need to update O. AM accordingly for further action.
  • If any garment measurement out of tolerance must be keep in separate place with proper sticker identification.
  • Quality In charge will advise to finishing QI how to check the garment before start the checking process.
  • This process must checked garment presentation like pressing quality/ washing defect/ oil mark/un cut thread, etc
  • Also QI will mark the report finding defect hourly and inform’ line quality auditor for the necessary action.
  • Quality auditor also doing random audit and make the report for improve the line quality level.
  • Quality In charge will be prepared written quality specification and share with all QI for their guide line’s.

Quality Auditor will be responsible to share with all quality points with QAM for improve further quality in bulk production After Check complete goods will be sent to packing section for start packing

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