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We sale Retail  EPOS software and best POS System Software in Bangladesh with low price. We develop and customized according to your shop. Please contact us by submitting a comment below on Leave a Reply box. Cell# +8801792525354

Retail ePOS Systems Type

We have two types of POS software

1WePOS ( WooCommerce  Integration)100% Free
2WePOS ( WooCommerce  Integration) $199
3Cloud POS Salespoint (Customized)3,00000 Tk

1. WePOS (Free Version) Features

  • Based on Rest API
  • Attractive User Interface
  • Admin Can Handle POS Orders
  • Shop Manager Can Handle POS Orders
  • TAX Calculation Included
  • Minimal receipt with generator
  • Only for Cash Gateway
  • Highly Number of Customizable
  • Unlimited Number of Products
  • Unlimited Number of Customers

2. WePOS (Pro Version) Features

If you pay $399 then you will get unlimited Outlets, Counters and Cashiers Management for 5 sites

  • 1. WePOS (Free Version) Features +
  • Outlet Management & Counter Management
  • Cashier Can handle Management of POS Orders
  • Secure Login Panel Management for Cashier
  • Advanced Receipt Management Builder
  • Multiple Live Cart Management
  • Card Management Gateway Support
  • 2 Outlets Management
  • 2 Counters Management
  • 4 Cashiers Management
  • 1 Site Management

3. Cloud POS Salespoint (Customized Software)

If you use this software for Center point you need to pay 3,00000 Taka and you need to add 35,000 Taka for each outlet.

Setup of POS Software

  • User Management
  • User Role Define
  • User Create
  • User Privilege
  • Outlet Setup
  • Area Setup
  • Store Setup
  • Central Store Setup
  • Employee Information Setup
  • Employee Setup
  • Designation Setup
  • Outlet Setup
  • Supplier Setup
  • Employee Setup
  • Category Setup
  • Sub Category
  • Brand Setup
  • Size Setup
  • Measuring Unit Setup
  • Product attribute Setup
  • Mode Of Payment
  • Promotion Setup
  • Package Promotion
  • Bundle Promotion Setup
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Setup
  • Buy 1 get discount Setup
  • Discount Policy
  • Point Earn Policy
  • All Customer report
  • Price change Setup
  • Customer Relationship Management Setup
  • Customer setup
  • Membership Card Type
  • Customer Group wise Sales Report

Feature of Salespoint

  • Sales Management
  • Purchase Register Account
  • Delivery Management
  • Broker-Salesman-Agent
  • Requisition
  • Receive
  • Sale hold & recall
  • Partial sales
  • Multiple Payment
  • Discount
  • Item wise Discount
  • Point of sales:
  • Customer select
  • Customer name & mobile number
  • Customer address
  • Return amount show
  • Promotion detail
  • Barcode scan (auto & manual)
  • Product stock show
  • Transfer Invoice reprint
  • Item Management
  • Inventory Management 
  • Item Group wise in format of normal
  • Matrix with payments details
  • Due interest calculations.
  • Cash Management
  • Bank Registers Account wise only receipt
  • Only payments both with balance.
  • Petty Cash Registers Account wise
  • Format of register
  • Sheet printing Management
  • Journal Voucher and Registers printing.
  • As on Date Trial Balance Sheet
  • ITR Balance Sheet
  • P & L A/c. in format of monthly
  • Comparative with previous year.
  • Ledger A/c. Management
  • Confirmation A/c Management
  • VAT Register in format of various Form No.201/201A/201B/201C/205/CST/Form IIIB etc.
  • All Customer report
  • Customer Group wise Sales Report
  • Operation
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Receiving
  • Barcode Print
  • Requisition Approval
  • Store Delivery
  • Purchase Return
  • Damage and Lost
  • Return from Shop
  • Gift Voucher Generation
  • Gift Voucher Delivery
  • TDS Registers, Return, Certificate etc.
  • Voucher printing.
  • Bank Reconciliation and Over Due Interest calculation.
  • Flow Reports of Cash
  • Bank Register Management
  • Package Promotion
  • Bundle Promotion
  • Buy 1 Get 1
  • Buy 1 get discount
  • Price change
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Customer setup
  • Membership Card Type
  • Discount Policy
  • Point Earn Policy
  • Various Ratio Analysis Reports.

Report of Cloud POS System Software

  • Invoice facilities
  • Invoice wise summery report
  • Invoice wise detail report
  • User wise report
  • User wise summery report
  • User pay type report
  • Terminal wise sale report
  • Terminal pay type wise report
  • Pending sales item
  • Item wise sale report
  • Category wise sales report
  • Challan facilities
  • Payment Slip printing with logo facilities
  • Design and customized size stationary facilities
  • Label facilities
  • Sticker facilities
  • Cheque printing facilities.
  • Outstanding Report in format of Broker-Salesman
  • Party Report
  • Group Report
  • Area Report
  • City wise with inventory details.
  • Outstanding in format of Ageing Reports.
  • Production Analysis and Manufacturing Process.
  • Pre-Sales Order Booking Report
  • Post Sales Activities Report
  • Brokerage Report calculation statements.
  • QAO Facilities
  • Barcode Facilities.
  • Sub category sales report
  • Date wise report
  • Product receive report
  • Store wise receive report
  • Product wise receive report
  • Date wise product receive report
  • Stock report
  • Brand wise stock report
  • Category wise stock report
  • Sub-category wise stock report
  • Today’s Sale Report
  • Monthly or Yearly sale Report
  • Category wise Sale Report
  • Facilities of Direct E-mail
  • Facilities of SMS to clients.
  • Item wise Report
  • Item Group wise Report
  • Company wise Sales Report
  • Purchases analysis reports and percentage.
  • Item wise stock in format
  • Item Group wise stock in format
  • Company wise valuation of stock in format of Purchases Price/Sales Price/Cost Price.
  • Item Lot wise status Reports.
  • Item wise Sale Report
  • Brand wise sale report
  • Size wise Sale Report
  • Supplier wise Sale Report
  • Stock report
  • Category wise Stock Report
  • Item wise Stock Report
  • Brand wise Stock report
  • Size wise Stock Report
  • Supplier wise Stock Report
  • Zero Balance Stock Report
  • Purchase Receiving Report
  • Item wise Tracking Reports on Cloud POS Salespoint
  • Item Group wise Tracking Reports
  • Party wise Tracking Reports
  • Area wise Tracking Reports
  • City wise Tracking Reports
  • Item wise Stock Flow Reports
  • Item Group wise Stock Flow Reports
  • Party wise Stock Flow Reports
  • Area wise Stock Flow Reports
  • City wise Stock Flow Reports
  • Item wise Inventory Ledger in format
  • Item Group wise Inventory Ledger in format
  • Purchase return Report
  • Store wise Damage and Lost report
  • Stock delivery Report
  • Transfer Stock Receive Report
  • Requisition Report
  • Reprint
  • Vendor wise product report Fast moving product report Slow moving roduct report
  • Nonmoving product report
  • Outlet wise Sales Analysis Report
  • Outlet wise Stock Analysis Report
  • Party wise Inventory Ledger in format
  • Area wise Inventory Ledger in format
  • City wise Inventory Ledger in format


Cloud POS Salespoint System Software is used in retail shop in market place. Software License, Troubleshooting, Repair & Maintenance Charge will be free for 150 days from the date of software installation. Software License, Repair, RFC, Trouble Shooting & Maintenance Charge in Monthly for Warehouse, Accounting, Payroll Operation is 5,000/= (Five Thousand Taka Only). Software License Activation, Trouble Shooting, RFC & Maintenance Charge in Monthly for one Outlet Operation is 2,000/= (Two Thousand Taka Only).

Md. Khondakar Mashiur Rahman, 
Certified Echotech Garment CAD Professional-China, Aptech-India, NCC-UK 
B.Sc. in CIS- London Metropolitan University, 
M.Sc. in ICT-UITS. 

About Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

He is Top Class Digital Marketing Expert in bd based on Google Yahoo Alexa Moz analytics reports. He is certified IT Professional from Aptech, NCC, New Horizons & Post Graduated from London Metropolitan University (External) in ICT . To Hire his service and Him make a comment in below of any articles, Cell# +880 1792525354

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